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Ventilation for Catalytic heater while stealthing
I was wondering for those of you that have a converted cargo or utility van that either has no windows or windows that don't pop open, how do you ventilate for a catalytic heater while stealthing especially if you have a curtain drawn to separate the cab area, if you cracked the front windows, that airflow would be blocked by the curtain. Is the roof vent adequate ventilation in those cases?  Confused
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If you use some kind of normal (porous) curtain material, and leave a little air gap on the sides or bottom, the fresh airflow should be fine. Just make sure that the roof vent is popped open an inch or so, and then the air that flows in from the open window up front will filter into the back area. It's also a good idea to have a small 12 v fan circulating the air inside. 

If your curtain is some kind of vinyl or plastic (like a shower curtain) and its completely sealed, top to bottom, and side to side, it probably would block good steady airflow. 

Use common sense, and make sure to provide good airflow to the occupied area.
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