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82 Ford Brougham 18ft Class C
82 Ford Brougham 18ft Class C

For anyone who might be interested:  Here's a sweet, well-kept little Class C.
Small enough to double as daily driver/RV.  Seller calls it a Class B,  but that
is incorrect.  It is a Class C.

Seems to be located in Los Angeles.  If I had any reason to be looking for a
small, low mileage, well laid out RV, I would be dialing this minute!

Smile Charlotte
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Netter (01-03-2018)
Judging by the condition of the seat covers and the age of the vehicle, I would venture to say that odometer has gone around a few times. Probably more like 240,000 miles or more? Just what came to my mind looking at those pictures.
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I have looked at some of those rv`s, they are generally referred to as a Class B+.
They are generally very well built and can sometimes be hard to find.

It does show some wear and tear, but any thirty five year old rv will, but from
what I saw in the pictures, its nothing that can`t be fixed.

I see a few things on the inside that need to be replaced, and it needs a good cleaning
inside and out, but otherwise it looks to be in good shape.
1984 Cobra Class C 26'
On E 350 Chassis 
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