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So, Tents are OKAY in the LTVA ... sort of?
I did a search and pulled a few threads on this topic, and I THINK I get it, but want to be sure before I weave any notions concerning LTVAs into my plans.

I currently have a small SUV and a tent ( I have hopes/plans for something more camper like, but this is what I have right now).

What I currently understand is that unless I have an "approved" black water system for my hygiene needs, I cannot stay at an LTVA ... with a couple of exceptions:
  • A) I stay in an LTVA where there are vault toilet facilities AND I camp within 500 feet of said facility.  Or ...
  • B) I have an alternative system such as a composting toilet AND the attending Ranger opts to let me slide with that somewhat less than totally approved approach.

Have I understood correctly?
Are there other, more tent friendly solutions?

THANKS!  Smile
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I am currently in the Los Posas LTVA and you are correct, you must camp near a bathroom. There are several bathrooms in this LTVA.

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Thanks, Blanch! Smile
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Blanch (01-03-2018)
yes basically you are correct. but I wouldn't count on the kindness of the ranger. La Posa does have several pit toilets last year the more remote ones only had a few tent campers around them. highdesertranger
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