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Yurt vs Travel Trailer - Cost & Comfort Considerations
Hey Folks, I am getting closer to the full-time RV lifestyle. I am leaning towards buying a travel trailer, but a yurt sounds appealing in its own regard. 

Yurt Pros 

No towing
More MPG with your tow vehicle (i.e. 20' yurt is about 70 pounds)
More square feet per dollar (i.e. 20' yurt can cost as little as $1,100 for 314 sqft)
More flexibility with the interior design
Better temperature control

Travel Trailer Pros

No setup (do not even need to unhitch if that is one's preference)
More secure (almost all travel trailers are lockable)

Do you see those blanks? That's where you come in! What are some more advantages of the yurt and/or travel trailer?
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Better temperature control?  I've just gone thru single digit temperatures in my TT and my furnace sure came in handy.  I don't understand how that would work in a yurt.  I have looked at yurts, but they don't seem practical for me.
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I'm getting a picture in my mind of getting to my destination about 1AM after driving all day, it's raining and I'm saying to myself "I can't wait to hit the sack,,, all I have to do is set up my yurt in the rain on this soggy ground".

Can the yurt be set up by one person? Does it have a floor? Posting a link to the type of commercial yurt you are considering will help with the discussion.

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cyndi (01-03-2018)
Yes I see a yurt as something for extended boondocking in a remote place. Definitely not a quick setup / packup.

Can't see any temperature advantage when heating is required, but maybe it would be cooler without aircon.

And yes please link to the commercially sold one.
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Some of the foam yurts like at burning man are probably the fastest set up but some rv's can be set up and leveled with the push of a button. I've got a nice tent but I really like being able to just climb in my truck topper in windy or bad weather. The tent is great if you get a two week window of good weather, but moving every few days would be a pain, the bigger the tent the bigger the pain.
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bonnieE350van (01-04-2018)
Where can you get a 20 foot yurt for $1100? Link please.

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Now I have seen such at the local state campground. Nice looking, but it might be something I'd consider building in AZ. If everything goes as I wish, yeah, might happen...
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I love Yurts. Very warm in the wet/cold weather. Their shape deflects the wind well and they are cool in the heat. However, the setup is a pain, and you sure better have friends around when you do it. Definitely not a one-man operation.
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I think yurts are like the big canvas army tents. Roomy with wood stoves, almost a cabin but a lot of effort raising and packing away all the time. They are not much good for the overnight at Walmart if you know what I mean.

I have a travel trailer and while yes it is big and heavy, a pain to tow, etc. It is also a rolling house with everything except a dishwasher and washer/dryer. I do not have to provide a bed, stove, fridge or bathroom like I would in a yurt, it's all there and is usable on the road. I think a empty cargo trailer might be a better comparison to a yurt than a full blown travel trailer. You might need one to hold the yurts and all the rest of the gear you will need day to day.
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bullfrog (01-03-2018)
The yurt might be fun for awhile. Sooner or later a simple set up and breakdown will be a priority. I'm betting sooner rather than later
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bonnieE350van (01-04-2018)

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