Is "Rate" working?
I have no luck using the 'Rate' button lately and talking with another user he says the same it offline now or is it something at our end?

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I cant rate or give thanks, firefox 58, have noscript but open on the site, i saw another person on Chrome say the same thing,

Run OpenWrt on my router thats semi locked down, running through a vpn.
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Rate didn't work for me either.. I got J‌avascript:void(0) and the scroller thing on the right side disappears. The Thanks works. Using Firefox Quantum here.
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the board is having problems with the "Rate" and the "Report" buttons. sorry, we have been trying to get it fixed. highdesertranger
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I looked at the code on the output

text/javascript gives an error, Obviously things like report.js isn't working.

A search on the BB support shows aholes getting miffed when these are brought up.
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Update. 2/10/18 Still not working.
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I sent a request into our web developer to find out her timeline for that bug fix.  Will let you know when I do.  Thanks
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"Thank You" works for me now.
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