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So much for plans, lol... Bought a different kind of trailer.
(02-09-2018, 09:44 PM)Redbearded Wrote: Yeah it caught me by surprise too, lol. It is a 1990 34' Limited which from what I can tell is the top of the line one. I'm paying 23,500 for it, but I figure I can get at least that out if I decide I want to change to something else later. The trailer weighs about 7100 lbs dry so I know I'll need something with some grunt to pull it. I'm figuring if I can pull 10k I should be safe.

I'm currently looking at some tow vehicles such as a later model Expedition diesel. Or I found something called a quigley 4x4 conversion which is on sale near me for 14k.

If anyone has any thoughts on what to avoid for a tow vehicle now would be the time, lol.

Sure looks nice, out of my limits, but hey wtg!
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An Airstream tows well, but i'd still hook a 1-ton dually to it if it were me.

After towing RV's for about 50-years, I've learned there's much more to it than just weight.
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Hard not to do when the right rig drops in your lap. My 25' Nomad Trailer was what I planned to have for at least the next decade to come, with all the mods: solar, genset, plumbing, electrical, furnishings, etc. but when my friend decided he needed a different motorhome for his almost wheelchair bound wife, his 1996 Safari Sahara became mine. I thought I was at least 10 years away from a diesel pusher. My issue is what to tow behind it. Both of our vehicles are AWD and non towable. After looking at crap cars to tow behind it, and the cost to outfit, I decided on a car hauler trailer so I can use it for other things, including earning money if I put a winch on it...
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I like the idea of towing a car hauler it gives you lots of flexibility.

I'm kinda leaning towards a f450 from 06-07 with the 6.0 that is bulletproofed, with a manual trans (though this is just an idea, I have heard from a lot of people that autos are better for heavy towing) I would like it to be 4x4 as well, with an extended cab. Not sure what kind of bed I want on it yet, but those are pretty easy after that. I figure I can get into something like that for under ~15k after bulletproofing.

I also kinda wonder about using a tundra set up for towing 10k... The trailer has a gvwr of like 9200 or something
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Always interesting to see what the rich haul around. "Nomading" in LUXURY... Have fun Smile
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(02-11-2018, 01:57 PM)Redbearded Wrote:  I would like it to be 4x4 as well, with an extended cab. Not sure what kind of bed I want on it yet
I also kinda wonder about using a tundra set up for towing 10k... The trailer has a gvwr of like 9200 or something

For full-time use the 8' bed will give you more storage capacity which can be lacking in the trailer, and the longer wheel base would be beneficial though not a deal breaker. The GVWR of your trailer is the number you want to work with in your research for a truck, and also bear in mind the GVWR & GCVWR of the potential tow vehicles as you shop. Some folks admittedly exceed the weight ratings but I'd strive to stay under the limits, particularly in the event of a wreck where you insurance company may decline coverage due to the weight issue. The further under the weight limits relates to less strain on the drive train & brakes, so if you can, go big. (An 8' bed with a cap will give you enough room for nearly 900w of solar.)
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Just a word of caution on tow vehicle 'rated' ability.
My E250 with 5.4 V8 is rated at 7500 pounds towing 'with equalizing hitch' (5000 without).
My former race trailer weighed in at 5500 loaded.
Going to my home track (Summit Point in WV), required going over a small mountain pass that peaked around 1700 feet and isn't but about a mile long climb. Had to drop into 2nd gear and climb at 40 mph to feel comfortable...18 wheelers went by like I was in reverse. (1700 feet is just a pimple to western drivers) Rolleyes
Towing the trailer empty at 3500 pounds was like nite and day....EZ PZ.
Will my truck tow 7500 pounds? Yeah, probably, as long as there's no hills...otherwise maximum load and 'abuse' of the truck is necessary.
I would try to have as much 'excess leeway' as possible between 'max load' and 'actual load'.
For that Airstream I'd think a 1 ton dually with 12,500 tow rating would probably be comfortable and diesel preferable. F450 over a Tundra, for sure.
Just my 2 cents.

[btw- that 'pimple' is Mt. Weather, where a FEMA facility with an underground bunker is located. Members of Congress were choppered there on 9/11. Before they closed down the Greenbrier Resort bunker, they were the two locations to be used for SHTF 'continuity of operations' for the Govt. - Just a little history trivia.]
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Welcome to the Airstream family. If you havent already, start reading
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Thanks for all the kind words! I'm excited and also very nervous, lol. This thing is huge! Especially for just me and my dog Cooper, lol.
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Check your PM.
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