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Hair Stylist or Barber or Other
shearing clippers, #3 on top, #2 for face and the rest.
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i look for barber colleges. They are often extremely cheap. The going rate in Santa Barbara is about $18., but I was paying $5 at a school. The people going to to school already had experience cutting women's hair, but needed a separate license for men. They did a good job for very little money - to get practice.
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A #4 all over head unless I am feeling fancy. Then it's a #4 on the sides and a #6 up top.
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2011 Ameri-lite 25 ft bunkhouse with 750w of solar and a 675 Ah bank
2003 Ford Expedition with 435w of tilting solar.
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#1 buzz with my Wahl shaver when it gets hot outside. I let it grow when it is cold outside. I'll probably need to get a step down converter to charge it with the 12 volt system.
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