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Daily simple quiet-mind Meditation
Years ago, I used to listen to this guy named William Cooper on shortwave.
(He was named one of the most dangerous men in the country by our president once upon a time.)

The guy would come out with info that would make me roll my eyes and laugh, but within 6 months, 90% of the time, I would be seeing the EXACT situation he had warned of/reported on during the mainstream newscast. I began to listen more seriously...then he was killed in a virtual "suicide by cop" incident. Sad
(Just because he was brilliant, did not make him mentally healthy. How sad it is that truly tall intellect is so often coupled with depression or mental problems.) Sad

Anyway...on this same shortwave station was "Roy Masters."
Just my opinion here the fullness of time, Roy Masters and his ego went on a few too many dream dates and he began drinking his own kool-aid to the point of toxicity.
No matter how kooky he ended up being, I will always be thankful to Roy for introducing me to simple daily meditation.
(So much of life-on-tires magic is related to sloooooowing down and a cessation of the gerbil wheel...quieting down ones mind, instead of having it occupied with foolishness, soap operas, commercialism...etc.)

Are you aware how truly simple it is to make your mind quiet for 30 minutes a day?

There are a thousand "guru's" out there with their own takes on this, but to strip this down to a "no-nonsense" perspective, I mean sitting in a chair in radio, no TV, no nothing.
(Fans, dogs panting, traffic, airplanes are just background don't think you need to wear Bose quiet headphones or anything. The idea is to keep your mind as empty as possible without allowing it to drift on a daydream.)
Concentrating on your body and breathing, thinking solely about breathing in---breathing out---thoughts popping into your head need to be ignored by this concentration on breathing in, breathing out and the feeling of your body.
Starting from your head and going down, think about your neck, then your R arm, L arm, chest, waist, groin, legs...etc.
If you have pain, go ahead and reposition, but minor discomfort is part of life too. To a reasonable point, feel it and allow it to happen without worry.

Keeping your mind clear for 30 minutes is harder than you might think for most people. (It was for me certainly.)
No matter how difficult, if you keep at it for a couple of weeks, it becomes easier.

This may seem strange, but I will make a promise to anyone who legitimately follows this.
Within a month, you will notice a difference in the way you think, move and approach yourself.
Your thoughts will be clearer, your body will be more in focus...and your decision making process will benefit.

US society is so bombarded with data/entertainment---GO GO GO HUSTLE HUSTLE---that we never shut the brain down.
Most go to bed with the TV on and wake up to instant Internet or news or radio and the daily grind.

Thus far, three of my friends about to go on BP medication did this religiously and added a 30 minute walk each day also. Two of them were able to avoid the meds with little to no dietary changes.
(Most report improvement in the romance department as well.)

Not certain what exactly this all does in the mind, but folks say they can see the evidence on the brain scan experiments.

It surely helped me sleep better.
I got to the point I could listen to William Cooper warn of impending societal doom...and go to sleep blissfully, 45 minutes later. Smile

You do not need the lotus position. You do not need a guru. No trips to see the Yogi's in India---(GACK, or one of the diamond-studded rock-$tar type$ that pollute the USA, milking the gullible for cash.)
Most of it is forcing your mind to be quiet daily.
For those with physical issues that prevent sitting up for 30 minutes, lying down is OK, but you have to avoid nodding off, or the benefits are greatly diminished.
(Try it in the early afternoon if this occurs.)

How many of you practice basic meditation techniques daily?
No matter where you go or what you buy, the same person stares back at you in the mirror.
Heart Make that person someone you love  and accept with honesty. 

                                The rest will take care of itself.
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I use meditation daily in the morning to set my mind at ease before entering the gerbil wheel.  I use music to help clear my mind, Weightless by Marconi Union and to block out distractions.  There is a 10 hour rendition for those inclined, I selected 3 parts for total of 25 minutes and it makes the daily grind much easier to deal with in the workplace.
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