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Books on mushrooms, wild-eating, scavenging
Years back, I saw a book that had a bunch of info on what you can and cannot eat in the wild.

A friend read it and would go out with a kids bucket, bring back vegetation to eat...and dried out spices and herbs picked from the wild.

Anyone read a good book that helped them do this?
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Book: "How to Stay Alive in the Woods"
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JD GUMBEE (02-15-2018)
Euell Gibbons is still the classic.

The Petersen guide to edible plants is also very helpful.

As for mushrooms, my view back in my hiking days was to avoid them all: the food value in a mushroom is negligible, and the consequences of a mistake are... NOT negligible.

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Snow Gypsy (02-14-2018)

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