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Cameras/ Photography
Thank you!! 
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Years ago, I was heavily into photography. At one point, I must have had tens and tens of thousands worth of Hasselblad medium format film gear, plus studio lighting equipment, and countless accessories.  The Hassy equipment paid for itself when times were good. I then sold the Hassy equipment before it lost much of its value due to the popularity of digital photography.  I then spent an absurd amount more on high end Nikon DSLR equipment, and mostly used all pro grade Nikon f2.8 lenses.  I spent literally hundreds and thousands of hours behind the computer screen processing digital images in Photoshop and image browsers.  I ended up selling over 90% of all my equipment, but still have a couple bodies and lenses left for photographing assorted events and such.  I have extensive knowledge and experience in photography, and I can maybe help out someone who has questions or need advice.

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jillbobill nice barrel cactus.  highdesertranger
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Tennis Player Authur Ashe once said ~ "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

I got a Minolta SLR when I graduated high school from my parents. I used that for 2 decades. Then, as digital cameras came out I started to get more serious about my photography. I saved up and bought a Nikon D70, as things progressed I kept pushing the limits of my ability and that of the camera. I always say to people don't spend the money until it's justified, until you know what an upgrade will give you and why you need it. I had a few self funded exhibitions with shots from that camera. A few years later I was shooting even more and needed something with more than 3 mega pixels because I wanted to make larger prints. I upgraded to a D200 and despite my best efforts I have yet to kill that camera, it is still my back up to my D800 which itself is now 4 years old.

Gear is secondary to your drive and ambition to learn. Keep those going until you NEED better gear to move to the next level. It's been said here that many people drop thousands on "the best" gear at the time but still can't take a good photo and this is very true. I've had many glorious comments on my work but wake up everyday knowing that I have yet to take my best photo. Therefore I'm always learning, always experimenting.

That said, if photography is strictly a hobby, then I also recommend starting with your phone, cameras are amazing in todays devices. Learn the rules of composition, the rule of thirds etc etc and if/when you want to move on to the next level then start thinking about a camera that won't be so overwhelming you'll lose interest yet challenging enough that you'll want to learn and evolve.

My two bits, Smile
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for learning check out this new thread on here.

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