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The Girls Room is for Women Only
Thank you, Bob, for taking the big risk of being seen as exclusionary by some members. Thank you for modeling the prioritization of principles above all else....
By helping us women have a "safe space" to share, you are helping many of us women gain the confidence to live a bigger life as we learn from other women who are similarly vulnerable in certain ways.

Having a man tell me to approach traveling with a fearless demeanor, to drop the "negative, fear-based thinking" about security on the road is about as useful as having a male gynecologist tell me about my period or the pain of childbirth. There are some things a man simply cannot know about a woman's experience and vice versa.

THANK YOU for your generous spirit, so very evident all over this website.
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Thank you, Bob. Doing work that was traditionally not "women's work" ( as if there is such a thing) most of my life, I've been pretty comfortable around men. Interestingly, when I stopped doing that work to take care of my husband, I started being treated very differently, by the same people who'd respected my opinion and abilities. That was really a wicked blow, but the greatest result was that I came to appreciate the women in my life in a much different way, and to value immensely spaces in which we can speak honestly with each other. I thank you for seeing that value, too, and for the kindness of your philosophy.
Be kind. It can't hurt.
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