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Mattress platform condensation
Perhaps an alternative to the typical slab of plywood would be canvas webbing, like outdoor furniture. Build your frame then weave the straps back and forth. Regular beds used to be made that way.

Or you could stretch the loose weave synthetic fabric used to upholster outdoor furniture.

Or maybe butcher the center of an old trampoline.

Another option is expanded metal. You'd need some cross supports underneath.

Or chain link fencing.

But the point is to use something that isn't solid.
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This has always worked for me.

Back about 25 years ago when we had bunk beds for the boys we purchased a mattress base called a buddy board.  As you can see from the picture it would be easy to make from home depot materials or what have you.  It's also low profile.  

It's basically a 1"x6" frame with a 1"x4" longitudinal support and 1"x3" thin slats.  This is all covered with some kind of thin insulating cloth (2 layers) and a cloth cover to meet the mattress.  It has corrugated cardboard cover on top of the slats.  It's all screwed together and the cloth is stapled to the frame.  See pic....

This allows air movement and breathing for moisture abatement.  It's what I have been sleeping on for the last 10 years in my stix and bricks.
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The ventilation holes on a regular mattress has already been mentioned and from living in a van ,way back when, as i traveled for work, is a very good solution for this problem. As long as you don't need the mattress to bend like in a fold up bed to seat type deal. I lived in those old vans all times of the year and anywhere from Nebraska to Texas to Florida. You can usually get a pretty decent mattress from Goodwill type places for $25. A full mattress fits a 4 foot pierce of plywood with very little over hang on the sides and just cram it in length ways. That was my way back in the 70's and 80's.
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A lot of newer mattress don't have the ventilation holes because they're upholstered in breathable fabric.
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This is what I did (pic below),  lawn chair fabric woven together and nailed down with "romex" nails. I really haven't been in any extreme cold weather save a week in Chicago this last Dec. This is a problem I didn't anticipat when I designed my bed frame. If and when I am in cold weather for an extended period of time I will report my finding back to this thread. 

Wonder if a replacement trampoline cover may have been a better solution? Trampoline covers have many "pin" holes throughout its entire surface.

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 If you go to a fabric store, they'll probably have black heavy duty mesh for sale. this is the same stuff that they use on newer lawn chairs 'n such. It's pretty cheap too and is sold by the yard. i bought some (not enough for my bed) a while ago to use as window screen which can endure my dog's attentions. might just pick up more and do the bed thing with it. ..Willy.
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It wouldn't be cheap, but you could also weave bulk bungee cord and have some extra springiness.

Or you could forget the springiness and weave rope like they did in the olden days.
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Excellent idea on the rope Mr Noodly! Rope does have a certain amount of "springiness" to it. The rope could be spaced apart for maximum air flow. Also if you use natural material such as cotton or hemp, the rope would wick any moisture between itself and the mattress. As a added bonus, overall weight would be kept to a bare minimum.
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[Image: url_zpsa832a3b8.gif]

[Image: url-1_zps05cab3b8.jpeg]

I think I would run aboard between the side rails so they don't bow inward too much. You can see in the photo how the rail is bowed a little just from the tension of the rope. It wouldn't be nice to have one of the rails crack in the middle of the night.
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check the bed on this site. c2b
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