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Mattress platform condensation
Here's a better link to that.
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I used to have a gorgeous and expensive day bed. One of those that became really popular in the late 80's or 90's. It had one serious had metal springs underneath the mattress, and was absolute torture to sleep on. As for me, I still plan to use a nice thick, good quality latex foam mattress, still light enough to flip over on a regular basis. I will keep it covered with a washable good quality mattress pad to wick away moisture and put a barrier between my body and the mattress, all supported by a plywood base. I've done this before and it worked great. Anything but metal springs or a futon. A good nights sleep, like a really good meal is one of life's precious treasures.  Just saying. 

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When I bought my little motorhome, it had one of those torture chamber sleep sofas, which was killing my back. After several weeks of sleeping in a crease, and going thru hell, I found a nice CLEAN little combo mattress with the built in coils at a thrift shop for 15 bucks. It sounds weird, but for me it was perfect, like sleeping on a cloud instead of a rock. I was able to put it on top of the torture chamber, and it fit perfectly. But what I'd like to do is haul off the TC to the local land fill and have the son build a plywood frame to put the mattress on with some kind of storage I can use underneath for stuff we have been hauling in the trailer.
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The "Hypervent" appears to be similar to the roof vent material used at the peak of a house. It prevents bugs from getting in but allows airspace.
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I had a similar problem 40 years ago.  My mattress was on 1" plywood.  I solved it by drilling a 1/4" hole every 6".  That gave enough ventilation that there was no more mildew.
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my bed platform is covered with carpeting. it supports my mattress of 6" foam/2" memory foam, wrapped in black denim.

i have two round boat hatches on either end of the platform that provide access to two small storage areas.  i access these areas a few times a month for supplies.

i havent seen any evidence of moisture/mold/mildew.

aside from how the rest of my van is constructed/insulated/ventilated...i wonder if the fact that i carpeted it and access it occasionally has helped prevent it?

on another thread about bed slats, i posted a link to this product. amongs other benefits, it allows for air circulation under a mattress...

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Found a solution to our mildew / condensation issue. We are full timing in Alaska and Hypervent won't ship to Alaska. I bought a Chrome shelving unit and put the shelves under the mattress. This gives us a 1.5" inch lift and air can freely move. It stays dry under there now.
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nice navigator. that would give plenty of ventilation. but is it comfortable to sleep on those small shelves? ha ha . highdesertranger
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We have a 9" Bioposture foam mattress.   The bed feels exactly the same to sleep on.  We cannot feel the shelves. The only difference is the bed is now an inch higher. We can also still access the underbed storage.
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The shelves are touching, so there is not a gap between them. It makes a level surface for the mattress.
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