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Motorized bike, anyone have one?
best buy is a 250cc honda/yamaha v-twin 5-speed light weight low seat height motorcycle ....

can find low miles used and much more versatile than a scooter ....

of course my opinion ....

blkjak ....
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Here's the one I have my eye on, it's battery operated and can go solar.  But I know someone will steal it.

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I have a 1974 Honda CT70 that is mounted to the front of my van.  100mpg. 150lbs.
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that looks like the moped got stuck in the grill when you hit it. 
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Haven't been around this forum lately so getting here late with a reply.

I build MABs, motor assisted bicycles, and have been doing so since 2006. They can be and are a great alternative means of getting around, IE: Alt Trans. IMO, they are especially be well suited to the RV/Van lifestyle. There are a couple things I'd say though from my experience that I would recommend right off the top.

1st) If you intend to stay with it at all and put real miles on, avoid the cheap Chinese 2 stroke kits, they are noisy, smoky and notoriously unreliable IE need a couple three to keep one running. That ends up being false economy, been there done that.

2nd) check out and know the laws in your state/s you'll be riding in. I cannot emphasize that enough. It's important for the future viability of MABs to use commonsense about the laws. A majority of states have moped/MAB regs on the books that state something like: 50cc and under, 2 HP and under, 25/30 top speed, automatic clutch. (note: AZ top speed is 20 mph, I mention that because a lot of RV/van folks gravitate there) In many jurisdictions no insurance, reg or inspections are required though usually a drivers license is. 

I've built and had many MABs of all types from the China kits initially to chain, belt and friction drive. I've come to like friction drive the best, with quality Japanese made 35cc Robin Subaru or Honda 4 stroke engines: clean, quiet, very reliable, and legal in almost all jurisdictions. These little industrial duty engines weigh only around 8 lbs. (minus drive assembly) and get 150 to 175 mpg. The key to using them is gear ratio, they can be geared for top speed or pulling loads and/or hills. They are a little more money up front but will last thousands of miles and many years. I have some with over 10,000 miles on them.

I've long been involved with bikes and did quite a bit of bicycle touring, crossed the US twice, and a did a fair amount of local road touring and mountain biking as well. Having entered the geezer stage in life, the hills have gotten steeper than I remember them being, lol. I've found a solution that works for me.

To level out the hills some, I added an assist, 35cc 4 stroke made by Subaru, industrial duty motor, smooth, quiet and highly reliable. I don't use the assist all the time just when I need it. The system freewheels when not in use, adds approx just 14 lbs with fuel and averages somewhere around 175+ mpg. Frankly, at my age, my time on the bike would diminish greatly without it.

This type of set-up I know will always be a part of any travel adventures in my future. Most of my bikes w/assist weigh in under 50 lbs, can easy be lifted and carried on a sturdy bike rack, offers both exercise and utility to cover extensive ground and be IMO a great complement to a nomad type lifestyle. This ends up IMO being far better than a moped or scooter, much lighter and able to effectively pedal it if and when you need to. Also, the small ICE (int comb eng) is a better solution IMO than existing electric options as I've built a number of eBikes (but that's another discussion).

My eventual ideal is rather than have a van and a base camp somewhere, have a van AS base camp parked centrally at a marina or RV yard and radiate touring/camping trips out from there on my MAB with single wheel bicycle touring trailer.
Some of the recent bikes I've built:

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You had to go there with the 35cc SUBARU engine, as if my mad love for all things Subaru wasn't fueled enough. 

I'll just let you know in advance, my Subie guy hates it when I run across guys like you.  All of a sudden he has to work.

See you around the forums.

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Hi cb

Yep, Subie makes reliable products. The Robin engines have a 3 year warranty, the only small engine manufacturer to do so. Comparing that with the China kits is crazy, which are 30 days if you're lucky.
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I'm leaning too far toward electric.  But those are nice and tempting.  Can you rig up electric start to them?

I like some of the bikes on your blog.  That Motobecane was a nice find. 

If I have to lift a bike over my head for storage daily, which I do, I prefer lightweight.


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The Robin Subaru engines are pull start but are cleverly engineered with a compression release built in so no electric start is really necessary. They start on one pull every time.

As to electric power assist: IMO they certainly have their place depending on the needs the user has. I have owned them and for me their best attribute is quiet. On the other side of the coin are the
cost/range and weight issues. If a user has need for limited range, say under 15 miles between finding an outlet, they can be very good. More than that and the cost (and weight) can go up dramatically. There are a number of variables at play with this: battery chemistry (SLA $ vs LiOn $$ vs LiFePo $$$), power requirements and the amount of pedaling one cares to do. I touch upon a little of this in a blurb on the blog here:

Generally though one can expect an eBike to be quite a bit heavier than a well thought out ICE powered bike.
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Well,  I'm going to have to find a Subaru powered bike to try out before I make a decision.

I had no idea there was such a thing and I had my little heart set on the Currie.

I feel like I should have the little Subie engine around just for general purposes.  I know it will be reliable in whatever I use it for.

Thanks for all the good info,

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