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solar panels
hi highdesert: yes, that what i meant to say, amps not volts.but in my case gen starts with a 10 AMP charger and never steps down to 1.2.  and yes you are correct in saying i could just put in a dc/switch until i can find a board for it. the gauges on the dash board of this old rig are not giving me the right reading, as they never said the house batteries were over charging. it was always around 14.0 even after running generator all day. i trace wires back to dash board gauge all were 12 gauge hard wire. but it is about 15ft. from battery bank, thru a couple looms here and there, and then an old wore out double pole, double throw  switch to measure both house batteries on one side and measure start battery on the other side.  so how can that be a true reading of battery charge state at the dash board gauge. ya know what i mean?? so when i put the solar on, now i get a true measure of house bat charge state. only 5 ft and #8 gauge stranded wire. how i noticed something was not right is that the house batteries had a 16.7 volt charge, that shut down solar charger with an error code of high voltage. so that when i learned that the generator had it own charging sytem, and one cell phone pluged into 12 port gone! i guess we live and learn yes??

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