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ghost towns
found this web site thought some might like it. It list by state then county and gives a short story about the place. Some pictures ,location,how to get their,road conditions, 2or4 wheel drive ,gravel or dirt, best time to visit,
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very interesting site. just spent 1/2 hour reading stuff. really cool. bookmarked it. thanks
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that's a cool site I already had it book marked.  I have been visiting ghost towns my whole life,  parents started me out.  allot of them are old mining camps so basically I am there for the same reason that the founders were there,  so I have a link to the past.  btw allot of ghost towns have come back to life by people looking to escape the rat race of the cities.  highdesertranger
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Never been to a true ghost town but I really like driving through areas that are off the beaten path and have old and abandoned buildings like what you would see on old Route 66. The interstates created lots of little towns that are almost ghost towns. Urban decay is fascinating,too. The pics of Detroit that you see on Flickr are amazing.

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Ghost towns are rapidly disappearing from the American landscape. Most are not protected and therefore turning into dust. Or, they're being leveled for other endeavors. In some cases, even foundations can't be found. I'd check them out sooner rather than later. Be sure to put Chloride,NM on your list of must sees! A retired couple,almost single-handedly, began restoring the town in the 1980s. They've done Amazing things and are a wealth of hard won information with regard to ghost towns, Pioneer life and Chloride in particular. I did a blog post in March about Chloride,with some references and links to other resources.
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I love researching, finding and photographing old ghost towns and abandoned buildings. That website was one of my starting points in building my google map of places, so many yet to find.
"Our home is not a house"
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I think it is a matter of view point on this.  I was raised just outside Detroit and watched it crumble and decay.  There are sectors that you can drive through that have the appearance of an apocalypse. Block after block of burned out, bombed out looking buildings.  Very sadly many of these architectural husks have people living inside them.

“Lo, I would wander far away, I would lodge in the peace of the wilderness."
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Love old Ghost Towns. I'm glad this thread was revived.
Doing the Van thing since the early eighties.
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yep I love me some ghost towns too. spent many nights in old buildings in ghost towns, line shacks, and miners cabins. I have been to well over 500 ghost towns, stage stops, line shacks, miner cabins, pony express stations, railroad stations, you name it. highdesertranger
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