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Doing dishes with spray bottles
If I am car camping or boom docking in a RV I use two 3 gal pump up bottles. The kind you use for insecticides to kill bugs. Just be sure to use new bottles not one that has been used to spray insecticides.
I use potable water in each, one with a little dish soap spray the dishes wipe with a paper towel and rinse with potable water from the other pump up bottle. Also a great way to conserve water and take a refreshing shower, just use liq. body wash instead of dish soap.   
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Some years ago, we had a nice older class C motorhome.

For Mother's Day, my wife wanted to go Snowmobiling, which the 2 of us did! (Big Fun!!)

Seeing that it was Mother's Day, I set up the camper with candles, flowers, and a very nice dinner for 2 (which also went quite well I might add!)  

Anyhow, I wake up in the morning, make coffee and breakfast, and take a nice shower.
After my wife finished her breakfast, she went to have a shower too.
About half-way through her shower when she's all covered with soap...SHE RAN OUTTA WATER!!!

Opps....guess what dumbsh*t FORGOT to fill the water tank BEFORE leaving home for camping???

So now I'm spritzing her down in the shower using a spray bottle we just hapen to have that had clear water in it! (this did NOT go over as well as I had hoped for!)

I'll tell ya one thing.....that motorhome was never even started after that experience without checking the water tank level FIRST!! 
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good idea on the blue shop towels...i use paper towels myself and i think switching to the blue ones is the way to go..

to the OP...thanks for posting the question...

ive been using various wipes to clean myself...and another version to clean surfaces and utensils..

spray bottles are next for me..

a set for personal hygiene first:

one with water and some all in one man soap (i use a nivea product)

one with just water for rinsing and wetting the beard a bit to shave/trim

a set for cleaning dishes/utensils/pots

one with water and a cold activated soap as mentioned here...i dont think ill bother with anti-bact

one with water to rinse

i think i will still keep disinfecting wipes around for more thorough occasional cleaning of surfaces and i also think i will still keep the wipes around for personal hygiene...just to freshen up quickly if i need.

so in all, 4 spray thinking of the ones they have at home depot with colored tops. they should fit nicely in a rack or shallow cabinet.
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a few days ago in Wally World up here, I a low cost 1 gal spray pump only about $10
If I was doing it all over again and buying a spray pumper, that would be the one for me. It was in the seasonal section, new the garden stuff. Buy new, never worry about what was in it before.

This allows less pumping up, less water to go in it and less space taken. For the car people this would be the cats meow. When using a sprayer, even a long shower will take only 2-3 litres of water! Normally I am at 1.5 ltr usage.
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Thank you for bringing up this subject!  I used spray bottles to clean dishes and myself over the last couple of days of dry camping and I am astonished at how little water I used. 
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I bought one of those cheapy garden sprayers from Walmart in the spring to wash sand off at the beach.  I tried it once and put it away.  The beach trip didn't happen.  Last night, I got it out to test as a shower alternative (vs. 12 volt shower) to see if it is worth the space it takes.  I could not get it to pressure up at all.  Maybe it's just too high tech for me?

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