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Pinnacle Tents (pop-up tent) - opinions?

Anyone have an opinion on this Pinnacle Tent (pop up tent)?  It's so cool how it simply pops up in seconds! Check out the YouTube videos on this.

I currently have a tent I got from Target which I hate. Can't stand the entire rod design which takes me nearly forever and a day to figure out and set up.  Equally horrendous for tearing down and packing up.

I'm thinking of having a simple pop up tent for times when I go on group camping outings whereby everyone will be using tents.

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That looks good for camping out of a vehicle.  My buddy has a tent similar to that.  It goes up and down so easily, but for bicycle camping, hiking, or kayaking it would not be practical.  Just something to keep in mind.
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I was debating between the Pinnacle Tent for $129 which I believe the specs say it's waterproof.  Or get the above link for the cheaper $55 Igloo pop-up tent, which I think is only water resistant, as opposed to water proof.

I would be using it for car camping, and would keep the tent inside my van for storage when not used.

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I like this design for an instant type of tent, I have had instant tents with folding poles but didn't like it that much the poles would fold in the wind. This popup tent seems that it would work well and would be great for those who are camping out of cars especially if you are on the move and don't have the time to set up the other type of tents. I have found other brands of popup tents on amazon, they all are of the same design. I also started a topic on popup tents awhile back under living out of cars.

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Thanks for your input. So which brand/product of pop-up tents do you think is better/best?  So far the Pinnacle pop-up tent seems like the "best" because of its claimed water proof material. Also comes in different sizes along with rain-fly accessory for additional cost if desired.

I hate my Target purchased tent so much that I'm going to give it away to a homeless person! Last time I set up that Target tent, it literally took me 45 minutes of frustration before asking a more experienced person for help. Plus those darn rods nearly broke my fingernails and poked out my eyeballs!   That's why I want a no-brainer idiot-proof tent, and the pop-up tent seems to fit the bill.
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The Pinnacle looks like the best choice, it has a spring steel frame. I'm thinking of getting the Pinnacle also. The tents with the spring steel frames are more expensive than the ones with fiberglass frames. I think the spring steel is a better choice for if the tent will get used a lot.

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I am not so much a RV liver or a Vandweller, but I do the same thing, only live in a tent, traveling all over the east coast working and have two tents that out preform all that I have seen or used.  One is a Cabelas Alaskan Guide dome tent they come in three sizes.  I have a 6 person with a vestibule and it is going on 4 years now in some hot and humid, windy and stormy conditions.  I feel as safe as in a brick and mortar home in this thing.  My second tent is also a Cabelas 12' x 12' Alanak.  I use this tent for about 4 months a year as I trap the northeast.  I bought a four dog woodstove for it and it is by far the best one man set up big tent for the money. 

The three season tent will set you back about 400, but is worth every penny if a tent is your thing to live in. 

There is not a $130 tent made that would last 30 days set up in all the elements that would or could be dished out in that month.  Fiberglass poles will snap, the tent with a 30 mph wind will keep you up at night, the seams will leak from being stretched by the wind, throw the tent pegs away and get some 10-12" galvanized nails.  Get a welcome mat for the outside door, wax the zipper, get a piece of outdoor carpet that is half the size of the tent, buy a tarp made for covering a wood pile and cut it to the footprint of the tent. Don't let it stick out past the tent as water will collect under the tent and make for a wet floor.  Spend $30 on some silicone tent spray and coat the fly and all of the tent below the fly three time.  Touch it up after every 30 days of use for about $5 bucks. 

Not trying to push my thoughts, just giving good sound advice from someone who has spent months/years under a tent.  Cheap ones and good ones.

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I have similar tents and have done similar things as well, so good passing along info ! 
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@ Wild:  I hate to see people waste money or get bad info on the net.  I know 400 is a lot for a tent to some, but if it were me, I would spend 30 for a super cheap tent work for however long I needed an get good gear.  The first night the wind blows the rain and those seems start to leak, a pole on the tent snaps and that tent is worth nothing but to be canibalised.  (sp)

Good gear is worth the cost IMO.  My bins are heavy. I carry cast iron pans.  Never had a hand screw come out or a pan warp.  What does a trip to town cost in fuel and time?  As much as a good cast iron pan.  Same thought goes into everything.   
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Thanks for the good info on sturdy tents. I should have clarified. I would be using the pop-up tent for casual car camping group outings during mild summertime weather in California. The tent won't be for any adverse conditions whatsoever. That's what the van is for...adverse conditions!   I would never do tent camping in bad weather...but that's just me.  I signed up for some camping group activities through and those type of camping events usually means tent camping. It would be rather anti-social of me if I were to sleep in my van in the parking lot while the rest of the group were sleeping in tents on the beach or campground.   That's why I want a tent for such those type of events.
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