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Pinnacle Tents (pop-up tent) - opinions?
Casey, can I borrow some money? Just a couple hundred thousand will do!

Just Kidding Man..
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RJCOOPER - great advice.  tell us more about this tent wood stove death trap machine (kidding).  Are they safe?  
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Fires and woodstoves have been used in tents and tipis for 1000 of years.  They make them as small as a lunch box all the way to 55 gallon drums sized.  You don't need much to keep warm in the "right" tent. 

The nomads of Asia use woodstoves in yurts, if that is not a perfect bonfire system none is. LOL  The hunting guide all use them with canvas tents. The tent has to be made with a stove jack in the roof (best) or side wall.  Mine is in the roof.  If I could handle a 144 sq ft. canvas tent I would have, about the same price as my big winter tent.  But the weight is a factor. 

As for the woodstoves, the 3, 4 and 5 dog night stoves I found to be the best bang for the buck as far as quality and features.  There is IMO a lot of junk out there.  When I set up my outfit, the guy at Cabelas was trying hard to sell me one of their barrel stoves.  I looked it over and said no.

Last year on my woods bum trip, I ran into another woods bum.  He had the cabelas model.  I went to his camp and he had to have that thing stoked to the max to keep his tent (Canvas) about 60 degrees.  He came to mine and said, "Wow" that is a nice stove.  It was according to my weather station, 71 in my tent and 19 outside.  I had not put any wood in it in five hours either.  Last wood I put in it was right before I left to go catch some steelhead in the morning and it was lunch time. 

Any questions regarding tents or woodstoves, just ask.  I spent plenty in the last 25 years and tried a lot.  May not be right, but it will be my experience. 
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Should I get this 2 person pop-up tent version with the rainfly?  It's suppose to add more element protection, plus you can do "star gazing" at the night sky with the rainfly off. Might be a cool idea.  They sell this tent with and without the rainfly piece.  The rainfly piece version costs more.
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Always get a tent with a rainfly.  It adds weather protection and privacy.  Every morning I check the weather forecast.  If I am leaving the site for the day and the tent stays up, if no bad weather is forecasted, I take the fly off to let it breath, air out and such.  If bad weather is forecasted and I am staying close to camp, I take the  fly off, but keep it close to put on quick in case of a shower. 

My winter tent has a fly, but the ceiling and walls are not screened.  It just adds some protection from snow and an off chance of a spark getting through the spark arrestor on the wood stove. 

For what you are looking for and your price range, these would be my choices.

REI Half Dome.  They stand by the stuff.
Eureka: APEX or Tetragon series. 

A vestibule, even a small one to keep shoes or a pack dry is priceless. 

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RJ Cooper - link to your stove that you use in your tent?  can I use it in a nylon tent?
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Anything is possible.  With a little mods yes, I don't see why you couldn't.  My winter tent is not canvas.

Here is my winter tent.

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Dang, that's not a tent, it's a portable mansion!
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It takes me about an hour to completely set it up.  That is up, stove fired, sleeping arranged, totes brought in, canopy up outside and over vestibule and kitchen set-up.  I have had plenty of practice.  It stays in one spot for a month to 6 weeks. From Nov 1 until February 28/29.  I trap/hunt border states in the winter.  I set it up at an year round private sites.  Starting in the north and work my way south.  I do fur work in the vestibule. 

It does get small.  But I make do.  When I think about getting the next size, I talk myself out of it.  Not needed.  LOL
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Update here. I got the Pinnacle pop-up tent.  I don't like it.  I'm sending it back for a refund.
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