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avoiding trouble: the best defense!
the best defense is a good offense......tell us about yours!
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Hi Kate and all...the title sums up all I could say about this...

the most important thing is situational awareness. pay attention! know who and what are in your surroundings. when walking to your rig from the walmart, for instance, don't be distracted by your text messages or digging through your bag for the van keys. be prepared! look around you so, not only do you know what is going on, but others know that you are alert. makes for a less desirable target.

i'm hoping for more suggestions along this line!!!
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Wrong place at the wrong time can be as simple as your local fast food restaurant in the middle of the day.  I was, shall I say "confronted" by a thug.  I think he was starting to feel stupid trying to intimidate me, he was about 6'2 to my 5'4 (yes I was intimidated but not showing it yet) while the workers were on the floor behind the counter calling 911. I made the mistake of dropping my eye contact.  No need to go further with the story.  I will not drop eye contact again.  I also now carry pepper spray, on a bracelet around my wrist, spray in hand.  It does no good to ask an attacker to wait while I go thru my purse.  Pepper spray, don't leave home without it.

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Here's one of my personal favorites:

No thug would see that
I have often considered a taser\stun gun. I really like the cell phone link you sent.  I don't want to be close enough to use a stun gun. I suppose if it happens and I have my pepper spray, I to would have its effects on myself as well.  I really have not researched, does the stun gun work thru clothes?
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I use to hitch hike a lot and was always pretty good about turning down rides that didn't feel quite right. One day I was thumbing and it started to pour. There was no shelter nearby and I had to keep trudging along. Finally this pick up pulled over and the "lady" in the driver's seat ushered me in. After I was seated and got my bearings I realized that it wasn't a lady, just an old dude with super long hair, lipstick, a trucker hat and (wait for it) unicorns all over the cab of the truck. There were posters on the ceiling and figurines on the dash. The guy immediately started talking to me about his father (it sounded like he was not a nice guy). Needless to say, I had to threaten to open the door while going down the highway before he pulled over and let me out. The moral of this story is beware of men with unicorn fetishes.
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Pepper Spray sucks, no offense... Its good for bears, but a meth-addicted, drug induced maniac isnt going to be fazed by it.  Trust me, Ive had to spray hundreds of bad guys, and it was more effective on me, than it was them...   I had to wrap mine with tape (like a hockey stick) so it wouldnt slip out of my hands during fights.   The stuff gets EVERYWHERE.  Since switching to Tasers, suspects were less apt to fight...

If it's legal to own/use a taser that fires its electrodes where you live, I'd get one. 

Don't taze me Bro! 

Sorry, couldn't resist....
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The only difference in the version used by the police and the version available to the public is the length of the wires. The LEO version is 21' the public is 15'.
If you get the C2, the company will replace your taser free of charge if you use it to defend yourself. All you have to do is get a copy of the police report and send it to them.

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