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avoiding trouble: the best defense!
I may be getting one of each, after much research I'm still confused.    It's cool, I found pink tasers and pink knives(sorry, its a girl thing, even some old girls like me still like to be a little feminine). 
 The taser and spray may keep an attacker at a distance, I like that. I realize a gun will too. I'm not afraid of guns, I just can't see me using one in self defence. I think they say something like, if you are going to carry a gun, will you be able to use it when the time comes? I don't know if I could.

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I was fully trained in pepper spray dispersion, and I will honestly tell you that it's VERY difficult to get someone squarely in the face with one, never mind the eyes when they intend harm to you... Also, it rarely worked. 
The deploying tasers may intimidate you in the time of need. 
For you, I like that pink cell phone one.  You could carry it in your hand while going in and out of places and no one would have a clue, and more importantly, you would have less to think (and panic) about when you need to give the sucker some juice! lol
Like I preach... MUSCLE MEMORY... Practice defense scenarios in your mind (and physically react to them by pretending that the suspect is in front/behind you, or better yet, get a friend) and you will be more confident, and prepared.  Sounds silly, I know, but no one has ever got the drop on me, and when I needed to affect some NARLY PCP/Meth arrests, muscle memory kicked in and I was fine.

For home/camper defense, you should get a small semi-automatic with a safety.  My Glock .40 cal doesnt have one (per se), but the Smith and Wesson types do.  Inexperienced shooters have no business owning a Glock, IMHO...

Or, if that intimidates you, a blast from a big can of bear pepper spray would HAVE to work on a human, I'd think... lol
But, would gas you out in the process...
Make eye contact with everyone... short, but unafraid. Walk with purpose, even if you have none. Always look like you know where you're going and what you're doing. Friendly but firm. I'm helpful. I genuinely like people. I also have made a plan to defend myself from them, if their intentions are malicious.

On my person, that usually means a single-stack .45. I always carry a knife but consider it more a tool than a weapon. 'Course, most tools can make effective weapons. A claw hammer is an UGLY thing.

Me? I'm just a quiet, humble, peaceful, simple man trying to make it in a harsh, mean world. I think most folks recognize that and let my walk my own path.

Me... meditating.
[Image: DSC_0149.jpg]
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eye contact. think in your mind how made you would get if they hurt a kid.. your kid. any child under two. put that into your eyes. and stare into and through him.
watch his hands and feet for any movement.
sure i am 220 pounds 5 ft 10 in, 60 pounds over weight, 58 years old, and a failing body. i look like a quick and easy target.
but learn how to defend your self. aka: where to hit and why.
keep a eye on everything around you at all times.
no spray, taser, gun. is going to do you any good after the creep has you. that is only in the movies.
the best defense is a strong and fast ofenice .
nobody is coming to help.

Edited to remove political references
~ cyndi
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