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Knitting and Knitting Instructor
I haven't launched yet and hit the road but one of my hobbies is knitting. I've taught several classes at our local continuing ed and once I become a Master Knitter (certified), I should be able to travel and teach, earning a decent income. We shall see!
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GypsySpirit (09-15-2017)
Good on you, Blossmgirl!
I'm a crocheter (nowhere near a master, lol), and just can't get the hang of 2 needles instead of one hook! I'm hell on wheels with a Nifty Knitter, though Tongue
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What an excellent way to make a living! Good luck to you!
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Good Luck! It is a great hobby which should be promoted more.

I have taught knitting many times. Also have many awards from shows and exhibitions. Not sure if I would call myself a master.... but I did at one stage teach designing your own knitwear, with yarn, stitches and tension of one's own choice.

The best time I ever had was teaching a hobby class to grade two. The children had the choice of many hobbies, and parents were asked if they could provide instructions for their favourite. Eight littlies enrolled in my knitting group...... My daughter and seven little boys!

We had a ball. They took it very seriously. Months after, I was still being stopped in the schoolyard to help with dropped stitches, etc. A wonderful experience.

Right now I am working out how I can possibly take at least one of my knitting machines in my van.

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I'm also a knitter, but I'm not great. Apparently I knit backwards.
I'm not angry, it's just my face.
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fbear, are you sure they didn't say you're a backwards knit? Not that you knit backwards.(<:
East of the moon  West of the sun
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(12-05-2013, 07:02 PM)owl Wrote: fbear, are you sure they didn't say you're a backwards knit? Not that you knit backwards.(<:

Made my day, haha.
I'm not angry, it's just my face.
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That's awesome. I'm playing with crochet and knit right now also. I want to make those little stuffed animals - amigurumi - and sell them on the road.
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I crochet, embroider, just taught myself to knit by watching YouTube videos (so I'm not very good yet)so I can drag all this stuff along with me.
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I don't know how to knit I was blank about this but I mist say that after getting this thread have come to know that lots of information. Now, I have got enough information about this and will like to share with my friend soon.
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