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This Is For the Ladies
I had my email hacked and had to reregister with a different user name and email. I am/was Owl. I don't come here very often anymore because I didn't like the bickering that seemed to pervade. There was an effort, by some, to belittle or criticize every serious post. When a real effort was made to help or share information, the knives came out. I try to think out my positions well and thoughtfully. Sharing what I have learned and has helped me, is one of my greatest pleasures. I have no problem with disagreement, providing it is done with respect. I truly enjoy helping and advising folks. I'm sorry that some of you think I was being patronizing. That was not my intent! I have made some good friends here, people I respect and love. You know who you are. Some of you have said some very nice things about me since I left, I am grateful and humbled. This is a place I know Bob has worked hard to keep civil for everyone and for that I respect him. For those of you who know me, either here or in person, know that I care about you and your life and encourage you to reach out to me if there is ever anything I can do for you. Those of you that don't know me, if I can be of help, don't hesitate.
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Ms Linda (08-23-2017), Sunny1 (09-28-2014)
@buckwilk I'm glad that wasn't your intention; YAY!
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Owl/buckwilk, I long ago lost my resentment toward anyone who offers help, as long as they don't treat me like I am stupid. I, for one, love the idea that I could contact you for advice or help if I ever needed it.

I can't see it happening now, as I'm not on the road by myself, but no one knows what the future holds and I'm glad that you are there.

Thank you.
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WildTrappist (10-01-2014)
Sunny1, you are welcome, anytime. Take care
East of the moon  West of the sun
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As some of you know I operate campgrounds for the F.S. in the summer. Season is winding down now and will be heading for Az. soon. Hope to see folks there.
East of the moon  West of the sun
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One of the good things about gatherings like Bob's RTR is that there's a lot of good advice and help to be found. One person with a few tools can solve nagging problems. A few shared experiences can ease a lot of burdens. And you can connect with traveling buddies so you're not so alone and your existence is less tenuous. And, if there are jerks or exploiters in the mix, others can warn you away from them.
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