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Any SUV dwellers?
Yeah, I don't plan on using it that way either. lol. just the way it's probably designed for: when going from point A to B, pop something into the Roadpro, drive to where you're going, and when you get there your food will be nice and hot, saving you the cost of a pricier meal at a restaurant or getting fast food. I've already started thinking about some creative uses: cooking rice or stews, even lasagna. :-)
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Head over to to see some world travel out of a SUV adventures.

The key is are you trying to live out of your vehicle, or live in your vehicle. If your plan is to park your vehicle somewhere and live in it, then yes a van is better. But 4x4 is worth it if your trying to see something other than the cities. SUV is easier to drive and park in the city too.

I have a 12V kettle that boils water in a few minutes. An otherwise cold sandwich - add a cup of soup or instant coffee and I have a hot meal. I would however definitely look into a second battery. Their is likely room under the hood somewhere - maybe has a kit for a dual battery set up - they do for other SUV's

Another note. The same people who come on here and complain like crazy about stick and brick people who think their crazy for living in their van because their different, then tell other people their crazy for living in their SUV / car / truck / whatever because they don't live in van like them.

To each their own I say.
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Vesper (11-02-2017), TampShawn (08-20-2017)
Thanks for the link, that is an awesome site! Some great adventure stories there. Here's one I'm reading right now:

About a couple that sold their home, packed everything onto a pair of bikes and are now travelling all around camping and seeing North America, and documenting it all. Tons of great photos and descriptions of their travels. really fantastic stuff. Makes me look forward to my own upcoming adventures.

(12-24-2013, 09:41 AM)idn88 Wrote: Another note. The same people who come on here and complain like crazy about stick and brick people who think their crazy for living in their van because their different, then tell other people their crazy for living in their SUV / car / truck / whatever because they don't live in van like them.

To each their own I say.

I think it depends on your level of comfort and what you can get used to. It seems like a lot of the full-time van and RV dwellers are trying to create a replacement home in their vehicles and want it to be as comfortable as possible. For me it's more like a camping trip, so I'm not expecting the same lifestyle and creature comforts. but for now I think the stealth and mobility an SUV provides outweighs the greater living space and comforts of a larger vehicle. but I may change my mind later. Big Grin

Fortunately, I'm doing this by choice and have time to prepare and make sure I have everything I need, but there are lots of folks who through bad luck or the economy find themselves forced to live out of their cars. I can only imagine how difficult it is for them.
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Johnny, the more we (Jay & Margie) read your posts the more we see you have a pretty clear vision of your choice of travel. As fulltime RVers (28' class A), we see lots of ways we can downsize quite a bit and still be comfortable and happy. We are minimalistic and carry much less weight than anyone we've met in a rig this size.
Not to mention we used to live on a sailboat and I've had several road vehicles, including a couple vans I built 'ground up'. Since 1988 my travels have also been nearly 2 years on motorcycle and 1 1/2 yrs on bicycle.

I don't care how many think "it ain't happening" I know you can do this and have a great time.

Go Man Go...we'll gladly follow your adventures.
Jay and Margie. 92 Dodge Maxi van. 300 watts Renogy solar, 2X 6volt deep cycle @ 230Ah.

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. ~Edward Abbey
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Vesper (11-02-2017), Linda Cripple-Creek (10-19-2017)
If people think an SUV is too tight, these guys are doing it on their bikes.

[Image: DSCN9559-L.jpg]

[Image: DSCN9898-L.jpg]

It's awesome that you've done it too. That'll be my next goal -- to travel even lighter. Wink
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I've been following Gene & Neda's travels since they first left Toronto over on my 'Adventure Motorcycle Rider's' forum.

There are pages of 'Road Reports' of folks who are traveling and posting stories about their trips/adventures. Some are short little weekend get-a-ways, while a number of others, like Gene and Neda's story, are life changing global rides.

I've had a number of visitors stop & spend time with me whom I've met through the ADV Rider's website, who have circled the globe on thier bikes. (my chance is finally coming!!!) Big Grin

Horison's Unlimited is another site dedicated to world motorcycle adventure travels...and I think the folks on here would really relate to alot of the stories the folks post on these sites.
"Good Times & Good Friends Make Life Better!" Big Grin
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Gene and Neda are real inspirations to me, and their travels gives me a lot of ideas for my own. I won't be nearly as fast paced, as the gas mileage in an SUV is a fraction of what they're able to get on their bikes, but I plan to travel cross country and camp extensively while checking out the sights. I'm finding that I'm spending too much time reading different travel blogs, there are so many of them out there, but I love it. until I hit the road myself, this has become one of my favorite past times.

I went to the thrift store the other day looking for a dutch oven to take on the road and came across this item: a 12V cooler/warmer for just $4.

[Image: 1000947_900328_A_400.jpg]

It looked clean and in good shape, but I passed on it as all sales are final, and I didn't want to end up with a piece of junk if it didn't work. but I did stop and think about it for a minute. Actually, I have both bases covered already with a max cold cooler and a roadpro oven, so it would have been redundant. Also, this has helped put in perspective how much my outlook has changed as the old me would have snatched it up in an instant (or worse, went and bought one brand new at Walmart).

p.s. I was not able to find a dutch oven. Sad
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Gardenias (09-10-2017)
(12-20-2013, 10:15 AM)bobbert Wrote: Yeah, I got an SUV that I live in.
Actually, a "semi"-SUV (2012 Subaru Forester).

I don't share pics of MY rig, for the sake of stealth purposes, but here's some  interior pics of some Foresters that are similar to how I have mine.

[Image: 33551d1320882241-sleeping-back-merged-thread-bed-3.jpg]

Here's something that I am in the process of (pertaining to the fabrication of some insulated window coverings) not having the shiny side facing outwardly (only black fabric):

[Image: 55444_00mg.jpg]

I would never take out the seats in mine, since I plan on reselling the vehicle some day.
Also, I would never add a wood platform to make a bed in the cargo section, since I wouldn't want to waste valuable forest resources (trees & etc.), not to mention that I'd need the extra headroom in the back.
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This is encouraging,we have a 2000 Forrester manual .We get 32 mpg loaded . We currently are doing extended trips. We still have some down sizing to do. 
We are so excited.
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Yes. Honda Passport

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