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Any SUV dwellers?
Just posted in Cars "Camping (living) In My Infiniti".  I also used my wife's CRV a while.  Had to completely remove one of the back seats.  Look on YouTube all you CRV owners.  It is easy to do, though you need a place to store the seat and the seat is pretty heavy.  I already have a storage place I am paying for so...   

Don't really have a lot of advice except really work on organization.  I am car camping and working, and it is a major pain if I misplace anything I need for work the next day.  I have had several frantic moments looking for things I need when I am already running late for work.  Working and car camping is not much fun.  If I were camping for leisure, it might be a lot better. 

Any questions I will try to answer.  Peace, kindersir.
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I have been on the road since April 13 of this year in a Ford Expedition, a larger SUV, and have plenty of room.  I have a large plastic bin for clothes, one for books and misc, a short one for cooking items, and a short one for food.  I use a butane stove on top of one of the bins for cooking, and a fold down turbo toilet from Amazon for the obvious.  I took out the third seat and folded down the rear for a flat area in back of the front seats.  My bed is lengthwise and fits me at 5'1" and my 50 lb pit bull.  I do have a hitch carrier in back for extra food, water, etc.  it is very doable to live in an SUV.
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Hey Johnny , I too am now building my 02 Suburban into a conversion , I removed the second row and third row seating all together. I post up some pics in the " car section"  but are a couple pics

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I have been camping out of my 2013 Toyota 4-Runner and camp for extended periods of time using a Coleman instant tent, with a Coleman Cot,  Coleman camp chair and REI folding table stored in a Yakima Cargo carrier. 

I use a Yakima bike carrier attached to the receiver hitch. Looking to upgrade to a larger rooftop cargo carrier to store the rest of my interior cargo.

On my travel day's I sleep inside the vehicle either in the rear or driver's seat. Smile

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Smile 007pandas
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Hey Johnny, I have an 03 Durango.This April I drove from Edmonton to Tuktoyuktuk with it, 550 km. north of the Arctic Circle. This included 180 km. of ice road. For a drive like that it was perfect as I hit a lot of bad road, snow storms, ice etc. I would have never made it with a van or any 2-wheel drive. I removed the centre seats. Only 4 bolts and the seats and console came right out. I then built a basic 2x4 frame with room under for rubbermaid 
tubs where the seats had been, this also left room under the rest of the bed for other things. I was on the road for 21 days and only paid for a room 1 night, the rest of the night I slept in the vehicle. Opened the windows a bit to keep the inside temp. the same as outside and no condensation issues, some nights -20 Celsius. Glad for a good sleeping bag!
I love the Durango for the ability the go to very remote and rugged places. From my experience I would say you own one of the best vehicles you could possibly buy for your stated purpose. They are a hoot to drive and very capable in some pretty rough stuff. Don't listen to the nay-sayers, just do it!
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Hey, Johnny ...

I'm currently working on a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe to make the 2016 RTR. This will be my first outing towards what I hope (more like, "long to the core of my being") will become a permanent lifestyle change.

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I've been in a converted subaru forester for the last year. Managed to work in a dometic cfx 35
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Here's what I'm starting out in ... with two people:
Hyundai Santa Fe (and a tent).  ~38 square feet of space behind the front seats (~80 in the tent).  There's tiny, there's nano and then there's pico.  Whatever works, eh?


Flickr Pic:
[Image: 27234361119_a0e380859a_z.jpg]

The house this is parked in front of went on the market day before yesterday.
The shorter term goal is to get a light, enclosed cargo trailer (<1200lbs empty) and convert it to tow behind this.
Long term goal is a van (maybe a second for my daughter), and keep the trailer.
Longer term goal is a class c motor-home.
Timeline is at least 3 months, possibly up to 2 1/2 years (if I can stand to wait that long).

See you OTR! Smile
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