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Long term parking in the middle of nowhere?
(10-13-2017, 02:35 PM)wasanah2 Wrote: ...if you went to a farmhouse and asked if you could camp on the edge of his property, you're almost never refused. 

Sorry but this is a pretty naive statement. It depends greatly on who you are. It may be (mostly) true for females but if you're a male in a van you would be looked upon with quite a bit of suspicion or even outright hostility. Minority male, even more so. Sure there's lots of great folks out in the country but in these times, I think the majority would be pretty cautious about having a stranger hanging around their property. Personally, I couldn't imagine approaching some random farmhouse and asking the resident if I could camp on their land.
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Nissi (10-27-2017)
This thread is from 2011. You're welcome to post on it but the original poster hasn't signed in for 6 years.
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It's an old thread with a new reply that begs for clarification. TMTOMH
1993 Ford E150 conversion

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