Unable to Register OR Can't Post
If you have problems registering* or posting, you should still be able to post here in this thread. The moderators will see what you've written.

If you can't even post here, send an email to forumsadmin@cheapRVliving.com.

Spammers: Do not post here. Your posts will be deleted before the general membership sees them.

* How to Register, step by step:
1. Go here -- http://www.cheaprvliving.com/forums/memb...n=register
2. Read the "Registration Agreement"
3. Click "I agree"
4. Fill out the Registration Form (below the header)
5. Click "Submit Registration!"
6. Go to your email inbox
7. Open the email from forumsadmin titled "Account Activation at VanDweller Community Forums"
Note: If not in your inbox, check your Spam folder
8. Follow the instructions in the email to submit your activation code
9. You are now registered.

Again, if these steps to register don't work, post to this thread or email forumsadmin@cheaprvliving.com
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akrvbob (07-13-2014)
If you are having problems logging in, please post here and provide your user name that is being blocked, the browser that you are using, and your operating system.  This will help us help you pinpoint the problem.  The more specific information you provide, the better.

Also, some things to do that may help:  Clear the cache on your browser.  If you don't know how, do a google search on it.  For example:  Search on "How to clear cache on Chrome" or "How to clear cache on IE" or "How to clear cache on FireFox" ... whatever browser you happen to be using.  Then, re-boot your computer and try to log in again.
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Trying to figure out why I can not activate my account. Desperate to attend RTR.
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Welcome Bluewaterzgirl.

You're account has already been activated.

You are already able to post on the forum. Hope that helps you find out what you need to get to the RTR.
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