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Kate's not here...
You will be missed... Thank you.
Don Lattimer
Willits, CA
1983 18ft. Mobile Traveler RV
1974 Honda Trail CT70
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Hiya Kate!

Hope this message finds you feeling better in mind and body.

(01-24-2014, 05:51 PM)twokniveskatie Wrote: I have some new plans and am returning to some old passions, including yoiking, living in a laavvu,

I did yoga for quite a while, and just yesterday decided to get back into it (for MANY reasons) I find it serendipitous to see it here again! Smile

but I don't know what these other 2 things are. Could you elaborate on them for me please??

You are always going to be an important part of this forum. Please do stay in touch!! (and I'll still be following your blog too!) Big Grin

"Good Times & Good Friends Make Life Better!" Big Grin
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Patrick... yoiking (or Joiking) is singing. Lavvu is a tent similar to a teepee... both are of Nordic origin.

I had to look it up because... I was not sure either LOL
My blog ...
"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.“ - Henry Miller
“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” -Seth Godin
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link to my favorite song "Mun ja Mun" by adjagas.

I love the Saami culture.

Life in Lappland They're the only peoples SAAMI who are allowed to herd Reindeer -- they still have... -
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Good luck, katie. I will check in to your blog once in a while.
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I think these forums would not have gotten to where they are ( a great place for vandwellers to communicate ) without all you have done over the years. I will miss you, you were always ready to help where ever help was wanted, not only needed. I will continue to follow your blog.

Good Luck in anything you do in the future, you are truely a one of a kind person, and we all love you. Duane
thinking of your kindness....blkjak
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We have never met, but you have been influential in my pursuing a mobile lifestyle with my little dog. I had asked a question in the Pets forum, and you responded with thoughtful suggestions.

Thank you for your support. Take good care of yourself. I'll check out your blog!
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Thank you for all your time, patience and work. We will miss you. I made a similar decision a couple of years ago for the same reasons and hard as it was giving up my volunteer jobs, it was a good decision.

I love that you'll be providing transport for rescues. I hadn't thought of that possibility, but now I will consider it once I'm on the road in my van.

Sending out prayers for you,
Heart Kathleen
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Thank you for your devotion to this forum.

Also, thank you for your blog. I laughed and cried and reflected the whole way through and it made a difference in the direction I am going now.

- - - - - - - -
'02 Ford E350 DIY extended length hi-top cargo van
Conversions and Modifications:  Sassypickin's Van
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