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Kate's not here...
Gonna miss you Kate. Your guiding hand has kept this forum from descending into the chaos that has plagued other forums. You always had a clear picture of what Bob intended for this place.
I didn't always agree with you but I always enjoyed your way of putting things.
Good luck with your travels and keep your sharp things near.
Am I a Traveler? We all are.
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This is a big change loosing Katie for a while as manager in the forums. Good that you are taking better care of yourself.
Cool “Get busy living or get busy dying.” - Stephen King in his novel Shawshank Redemption
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Thanks for everything and Godspeed in your future Smile
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Oh Katie! Please be well and at peace! You will be missed that is a given. Your guiding hand and sensible thoughts have help so many of us.
OpenMinds says: Cleanheart you are nobody's property. And in decent subject and good reason you do not have to have anyone's permission to do anything that you want to in life.
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