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vandweller guys
Mouldy Wrote:Does your post apply to rambling RVers also Katie, or just to vandwellers ? I hope that I could arise to be such a man you described (can't yet since I don't leave with my trailer for another 6 weeks )

well, don't know if you were talking to this katie, but i can tell ya that it's mindset, more than mode of travel, that counts in the end. if you are a freethinker, able (eager!) to live outside the box, wherever or however that may be, then you are already that man that i described.

i must clarify, and i've said this before, that sexy is all about kindness and heart. physical "beauty" need not apply.

i wonder why it is that "kind" is one of the first words that comes to mind when i think of vandwellers?
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rcm89 Wrote:For the most part, Mouldy, "vandwelling" is more a state of mind than a choice of vehicle. I know vandwellers living in everything from 40' motorhomes and converted refrigerator truck [great insulation there] all the way down to a Prius. We're a pretty diverse bunch, but the one trait that seems to exist in most everybody is the desire to live free...not free of cost, but free of constraints that seems to hold most sticks-n-bricks folks hostage, free to be in the next county [or state] by nightfall, or free to stay where we are for a while because it is a nice spot.
oh yeah, what he said!
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Thanks, that makes me feel a little less left out.  I think I have the only class A here at the RTR.  (A "96" 28' Rexhall Aerbus.)
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At least I'm not the only motor home liver here.  I have a 1981 30 ft Executive that I live in full-time.  Would never want to go back to sticks-n-bricks.  Retired on Social Security and VA disablity and could not live otherwise.  Ed

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Well, Katie,
If they are what you say they are, I'm looking forward to meeting these smart, sexy, and kind-hearted men someday.

Katie (seems like there are a few Katies in this group...good Irish name)

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Sure wish one of these sweet older single ladies would give me a look  Ed

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sure wish one of these sweet younger single ladies would give me a look . I don't think there are any around my age though on here. You "older" ladies need to go start recruiting!!! Hahaha
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I'm not too particular,  needs to be old enough to "know better"!!

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haha, you guys! be patient :-) i think more and more younger people are being attracted to this life style, mouldy. we'll keep spreading the word!

ed, i am so glad you posted in bigger type! i can read your posts now :-) you may have a harder time than mouldy, though, because most of the older vandweller women i know are pretty independent and wary of giving that up. but i could be wrong....wendy got married yesterday in florida, so don't give up hope!

kate, whose very best friends include vandweller guys
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We never ever give up hope.
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