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vandweller guys
I know this lifestyle can't be conducive to dating, so how do you guys (men and women) deal with it? And/or make it work if you do make it to dating?
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I'm still working on that!First you gotta meet a woman,after that who knows.  Still waiting for a sweet thing to post.  I'm Available!!!!!
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Ha I was just fooling a bit with ed. No harm meant. I got enough things to think about with trying to live in a trailer. Maybe once I figure that out I'll look. Thanks though Kate.
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None taken.  Good luck with this lifestyle.  It is the best I have found.
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Here at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, we had a bunch of very appealing single women ranging from 30s, 50s, to 80s. Of course we also had a bunch of single men drooling over them. I think there is a very good chance one real relationship chould come out if it. They have been talking on the phone every night since she left (back to work) and he stayed. Thee are lots of great single vandwellers out there of both sexes. Your best chance of meeting them is to go to all the gatherings you can, and to the places snowbirds gather like Quartzsite, Yuma, the Slabs and Pahrump. There are several single RVers groups Like LOWS Loners on Wheels, and WINS Wandering Individuals Network. You won't find them sitting around in your van, you have to get out there and be friendly and available. Bob
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...So tell me, Bob... What about the men at the RTR?  Would they make a woman's heart go pitter patter?    
Katie (in Kansas)
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Since Bob is in no way qualified to answer a question about men who can make a woman's heart go pitter patter, I will answer that. (I hope I am not stepping on your toes, Bob.) 

There were a number of eligible and attractive men at the gathering.

<Waves to (in alphabetical order) Alex, Bill, Blars, Bob, Brian, all the Daves, Paul, Paul, Remi, Wayne, (in my head, I'm going up one side of the gathering site and down the other)>

I'm sure there are more, but that's who comes to mind... ranging in age from there mid 20s to 60 plus (just guessing)

Now whether or not they are looking, I couldn't say. 
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now I'm really jealous that I couldn't be there.  It is hard to meet someone when one is not traveling.  But all will change in a few weeks.  I'm still looking.  Ed
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Well!  It looks like I missed my chance at meetin' and socializing. Believe me,being a truckdriver makes it very difficult to meet people. I hope you guys are planning to have another one of these rendevous one day!
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Hold the phone, First, there is someone around my age (23) and I haven't met him on the forum yet! Get him on here! We could be Playboys of the Southwestern World

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