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vandweller guys
If I was a drinking person, I'd have to cry in my beer.  You younguns think you have all the fun?  Not so us old folks know what it takes.  Ed
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No more replys.  I guess this has died for lack of interest.  I'm still looking and hoping.  Ed
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Mouldy, I am guessing I am the only 23 year old guy on here that you could be talking about haha.  Living in California with my wonderful girlfriend, so you will have to do your playboying on your own.

Shaun Squid
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Where abouts in Cali, I'm in SoCal right now. Heading to Bishop next week and then to Truckee a couple weeks after that.
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Sacramento, CA.  Still working on my van, been so busy between working two jobs with lots of overtime and going to school so got a ways to go.  Will be hitting the road for about a month hopefully by may/june.

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I to would like to find that right person some day, i ll just have to see where life takes me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
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Not to start this thing up again,but, I found her.  Life truly is great.  Ed
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Wahoo! ... Ain't love grand!  ...You'll have someone to hold your hand during after your surgery.  ..Happy for you,
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Wow!  twokniveskatie,,u sound like a woman with a great outlook with ur description of men vandwellers,,,hope to run into a woman with ur same attitude to travel an share the world with!!!,,,oh! and btw,,,49 an single!!

                   Travel On!!!
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1oleman Wrote:

I'm not too particular,  needs to be old enough to "know better"!!

hmmm... I'm not there yet. When does that happen?

The Tuckerbag
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