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Safari Trek RV
I,ve thought about compost but....I need fresh water at some point so its gotta get far as cooking ...I boondock so propane or campfire...My monthly budget is 800. and Im very frugal about where I spend money.
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Ah I see. I have a bit bigger budget, so I guess I won't have to worry about that. Thanks for the ideas!
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(05-06-2014, 09:28 AM)Patrick46 Wrote: well...whaddaya expect from a loaf of bread on wheels?? Tongue

I'd bet this would be a great live-aboard rig. They have a great layout.
I've thought about these myself.

As for the handling...are you gonna be driving it lot, or parked a good majority of the time? If parked, then I'd say heck yeah!

My big issue is you can't sleep in the bed while blazing down the road. JMO

i know this is an old post, but for future reference.....The handling of these can be made incredible. We had our 1998 Trek updated with the full suspension kit from Henderson's in Grants Pass, Oregon a few years ago, and the tail-wagging disappeared, and the thing handled on the winding switchback road between Grants Pass and Crescent City like a sports car RV. The difference was staggering! Just so you know there are options. Bob Henderson is a great guy to work with,  and will let you stay in your motorhome there, while they work on it. I have no affiliation with Henderson's Auto Line-up.
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Heh, the Trek is like my Sahara with the rear 10 feet cut off and the engine moved to the front!!! The build quality of Safari Coaches is exemplary. Solid wood cabinets, etc. My 96 Sahara is solid, and I understand the Trekers are very happy with their rigs too. Most Treks come in Isuzu Diesel or Chevy 454 and apparently some have Ford chassis under them. I get 10.4MPG with my Caterpilliar powered coach.
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i have a 1997 trek and love it. the only problem i have is that the previous owner completely screwed up the water distribution panel. could you take a picture of the panel for me so i can repair mine. they drive like a dream
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my e-mail i
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