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2014 Chevy Express 2500 Van Build: Luisafernandes
Now that I got the van I'm almost ready to begin...well almost. But I need help.
I'm pretty handy with tools but know next to nothing regarding electric, batteries, and screwing into sheet metal, much less the sheet metal on a brand new van. The last thing I need is to screw right through the thin metal wall. I'm having nightmares just thinking about it.
Eventually I would like to have solar panels charging at least two house batteries. For now I'll keep it simple.  

So first step; insulation and Fantastic fan.
Question: should I install the fan first? Even if I have no way to plug it in (except for the 12v van plug in)?

Insulation: I saw someone, maybe on YouTube, maybe on this forum, where a guy used "FatMat Sound Deadener" first, then on top of that used foam insulation. Then I saw someone else use Reflectix first, then glued yoga mats to it as a sound deadener, and then he finished it off with another layer of Reflectix. So I wonder if anyone knows if in fact those yoga mats really work good as a sound deadener, or would FatMat be a better option? If FatMat is the better option, should I apply it first or should I apply Reflictix first, then FatMat to it, then a few more layers?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also anyone near the tri-state border of NY, NJ and PA willing to opine in person would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all!

Luis F
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Nice van! I just used Nashua foil tape to attach 1/2" and 1" styrofoam to the bare walls of my van. (see 1989 Dodge High Top thread) and it works fine.

The installation of the Endless Breeze fan is just plugging in the cigarette lighter cord and using it. You can wire an extra 12vdc socket in the back or use a ready made extension cord available on I think it's $10.00 for 10 feet, shipping included.
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Pretty sure fat mat and other sound control pads go to the bare metal. It's pricy to do all the van. I used fat mat up front and poor mans mat (ice water barrier) elsewhere. No regrets after a year plus. Also added Refletix and styrofoam (Dow - no mess trimming). I'm sure there is a hundred ways to get to a quiet insulated van.
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Thanks for the tips!

The guy did use FatMat on the bare metal, but I wonder if I could use it on the back of Reflectix. The FatMax's sticky side is all black and I'm afraid it would attract heat in, while Reflectix would reflect heat out.
Luis F
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84 Lumber has the cheapest sound proofing in your area. Pre-order. Was $84/pack. This is the same stuff they use in the New York City recording studios. It is bulky and you will have very little cubic feet left, but I guess you thought of this. If money is not an issue, Green Glue is the best product, the smallest profile, and will fill in gaps well.
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Thank you!
Luis F
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In your picture, it looks like you already have rubber flooring in the back which most cargo vans don't. If it does, your floor may be good to go as is.

If your van has rain gutters, I would mount solar to that rather than the roof itself. You may be able to get a no drill rack even if it doesn't have gutters.

Since your van has no holes in the roof, I would keep it that way.
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Off Grid,
I was considering removing the carpet and instal sound deadener and insulation, then playwood with wood flooring or vinyl to finish it off. I'm just afraid the rubber mat won't have enough insulation.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Luis F
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Being a new van, I'd be very careful as to any modifications. If you tap into the charging system for a house battery you may be voiding your warranty. Drilling holes in any of the body panels, like for solar wire routing may void any rust warranty. Read your warranty papers carefully.
I'm taking care of my procrastination issues;
Just you wait and see.
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Thank you for the heads up.
Luis F
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