I’m in a New Documentary on Mobile Living.

Back in the summer of 2012 I was contacted by Michael Tubbs (who is a Professor at the University of Texas) about the possibility of being in a  new documentary he was going to make about mobile living. He had started to do research on the topic and had come across my website. He had two questions for me, 1) was I interested in being in it myself, and 2) could I put him in contact with other mobile dwellers who he could include in the documentary? Being a total attention whore I jumped at the chance  to be in a documentary and quickly agreed! Then I fired off emails to many people I know who I thought would be good in it and gave them his email address. I told them everything I knew and suggested they contact him if they wanted to be included in it. Many, but not all, of the people in the video are those folks who responded.

We made plans for a time after his teaching year ended, and in July he joined us in our camp. He was on a limited budget so he was just driving his little Kia Soul and he only brought one other person, one of his students named Aaron Harlan. They were both just really nice guys and I showed them where they could set up their tent and make themselves comfortable. At that time we were camping in the Sierra National Forest above Fresno, CA and very close to the little mountain town of   Shaver Lake, CA. He got his tent all set up and if I remember right they actually stayed for about 3 days and filmed interviews with different people. You would think they would have brought a big pile of pro-level video gear, but the entire documentary was shot with Canon DSLR’s in video mode.

Back in those days I took very few photos, so I don't have any of the documentary crew. But this photo was taken about a month later at a different barbecue but with many of the same people.

Back in those days I took very few photos, so I don’t have any of the documentary crew. But this photo was taken about a month later at a different barbecue but with many of the same people.

At that time there were  nine of us camped there but only three were willing to be interviewed. While they were with us we put on a little barbecue in their honor and in the video you can see me flipping the chicken while they filmed it. I was little concerned about doing a barbecue for a couple of native Texans because they are such connoisseurs of barbecue, but it seemed to pass inspection! After camping with us they left and continued their tour across the Western United States as far north as Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and back to Texas, camping and filming interviews the whole way. As you can see in the documentary, they found some amazing people and got great footage that I think is extremely flattering to our way of life. These aren’t crazy, homeless weirdos, they are typical, healthy, happy Americans who have thoughtfully chosen to live a frugal and mobile lifestyle.

After they left our camp, I don’t believe I heard from him again, but my memory could be wrong. To be honest, I kind-of gave up hope on ever seeing the actual documentary. Then a few days ago I got an email from Micheal explaining that it had taken much longer than he expected, but that it was finally done. He sent me the link and here it is.


This is not the tent they stayed in, it's another friend who camped with us. They camped about 30 feet to the right of this tent.

This is not the tent they stayed in, it’s another friend who camped with us. They camped about 30 feet to the right of this tent. 

Possible Objections:

As I watched the video, just as you might expect, I loved it! He really seems to get to the heart of our motivation, that we simply want to live a better life, even if it is out of the ordinary. But as I watched it I also knew that there would be negative reactions to it. Let me address them here:

1) I know many of you are opposed to any publicity about our way of life so you probably think this was not a good thing. I understand your point of view and I’m sympathetic toward it. You could easily argue that someone from the BLM or National Forest could see this video and use it as ammunition against us; “See they admit they live in the Forest!” Or, other Americans could see it and be so jealous and angry that we aren’t following the rules and are actually free that they respond with hate and anger. That could happen, and you’re right, it can do us some harm. But I firmly believe it will do us much more good than harm. For every one who reponds with anger, many more will respond with admiration and envy.

Also, there’s no doubt in my mind that there are many millions of Americans who are living lives of drudgery, mediocrity and even misery that need to hear the good news that they can finally be happy by choosing a frugal, simple and mobile life. Many others are still in economic despair after the recession and they desperately need hope and help for their grim economic situation. Offering those many people a better choice is worth the slight risk that some of us may have it tougher.

2) From past experience I know I’m going to hear from some of you that feel attacked and feel like you need to defend your life against the documentaries obvious objections to it. Again, I’m sympathetic to how you feel. It does have the appearance of an attack against a way of life that makes many of you happy. And, to be totally honest it is an attack, I tried to live the way you live and it made me miserable and I only have bad things to say about it. But I’m aware that many of you like it and are happy with it.

I just hope that you can see that by singing the praises of my way of life ,and being honest about why I have rejected your way of life, I don’t mean to judge you personally. If you’re happy, I’m glad for you!! I wasn’t happy and so I made changes that made me happy!!

I hope that you can also understand that although you like you’re “traditional” life, the majority of people trapped in it do not; they detest their lives and if at all possible would change them! The entire purpose of this website is to communicate that there is hope to the millions of Americans who hate their “normal” lives. I hope you can forgive me for my extreme enthusiasm and my joy in spreading the good news of an alternative. Soon I’ll do a post with some of the evidence that shows most of us our totally dissatisfied by our traditional lives and those that like it are the exception and not the rule. Here is a quick overview:

  • According to a Gallop poll that has been going on for 12 years and interviewed over 24 million American  workers, 70% of Americans dislike or hate their jobs http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/70-u-s-workers-hate-job-poll-article-1.1381297 A full 20% hate their jobs so much they are actively doing everything they can at work to harm their employer. Another 50% dislike their jobs so much  they’ve “checked out” and are just doing whatever it takes to not get fired.
  • Anti-Depressant prescriptions in the USA are at extraordinary levels, they’ve increased over 400%.  http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/astounding-increase-in-antidepressant-use-by-americans-201110203624 Why are we so depressed?
  • The rate of suicide in the industrial world is drastically higher than the third world.  Why do so many of us kill ourselves when we seemingly have everything?
  • The American Dream is destroying the eco-system we depend on for life. We’re making such a mess of it that going to leave our great-great-grand-children in miser;, but as long as we have our iPads and luxuries, we’re perfectly fine with that.

Unhappiness with the American Dream is at epidemic levels, and I believe I have a solution. You’re just going to have to forgive me my devotion to my message.

Whether for good or bad, the documentary is here, I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did!







I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

120 comments on “I’m in a New Documentary on Mobile Living.
  1. Rob says:

    I was one of those who thought the publicity was not a good idea, it’s done so that really doesn’t matter anymore.
    I was impressed with the quality, it was not sensationalized, I was pleasantly surprised.

    As to your points ….

    It sure looks like a lot of people are in the wrong line of work, hell of a way to spend your life. You do do a good job of reminding people that it “is their life”.

    The drug industry is huge, the money being made is huge. The drug industry has to be as big (or bigger) a profit maker for the media as the political ads and the ads look to work, sales up 400%!

    No idea about the suicides….

    That whole thing was done well Bob, please feel free to continue beating your drum.

  2. John says:

    Saw the documentary a couple of days ago. It’s all over the internet. I thought it was great. Good job.

  3. ccbreder says:

    hey, Bob. I count as one of your friends. Someday I hope we meet. I lived the gipsy life in 1973 through 1978. 10’s of thousands of miles. I’m building out a van and will be on the road again soon.
    My concern is if too many are encouraged to live this life, many will be unable to adapt and will cause problems. The result will be even more prejudice against us. What will happen to the BLM land you love if it is overrun with fools?
    Your film debut was great. You came across as sane.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks ccbreder, I think I’m sane, but I’m pretty sure there are many who would disagree! There is so much BLM land that there is o chance of running out of it! But, your point is well taken that having too many of us out here can cause unexpected consequences. It’s the old issue of “I’ve got mine and now there isn’t enough for you” First, I think there is plenty for everybody and second I want to see everybody get what they need.


  4. Melanie says:

    Great Video, it puts out a great message that your way of life is one of choice and a option that more should consider, it appeals to me. Trust I work my way to doing that path.

  5. Myddy says:

    I loved the film, I watched it all the way through and really enjoyed it, I especially enjoy the rig that one of the ladies was living in, it looked like an amazingly cute gypsy wagon. I only hope to be able to setup something like it!

    I do think this does more good than bad, because people will see that homeless and vandwellers are not one in the same. Homeless people don’t need to be looked down upon either, but I feel that there needs to be a clear line that shows this is a choice for many and a happy one at that. I think this film did just this!
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  6. Naomi says:

    I tbought it was really well done. I watched it after someone posted a link on your previous blog post.

    While I think it will be useful to anyone willing to consider an alternative lifestyle and be interesting to many others, I can’t imagine it swaying the teaming masses – and that’s a good thing!

    I posted the link on my Facebook page. I have many friends that are *not* conventional, yet there were no comments about it. That’s fine by me.

    Great documentary. Great job, Bob!


    • Bob Bob says:

      I’m sure you’re right Naomi, it will not say the masses, in fact I’m pretty sure the masses are not able to be swayed by anything.

      The pleasures and comforts of our society are so hypnotic that very few are able to break it’s spell.

  7. Calvin R says:

    Hi Bob,

    I saw the documentary through the link posted in a comment on your last posting. I enjoyed seeing you on video; it really enhances reading your words. The documentary was positive, insightful, and well done. Please pass my congratulations to Professor Tubbs and Mr. Harlan; they did an excellent job. I noticed that they emphasized the positive in the vandwellers’ own lives rather than the negatives of their pasts or the issues with conventional people. A little of that showed, but the positives of mobile living came through strong and clear.

    When you mentioned the chance of being in a documentary back in 2012, I remember urging caution. Taking this particular chance has paid off well.

    The link to the video in this posting does not seem to work. Also, I still do not see the check box at the bottom of the post that would send me an email for each comment. I am using Firefox with Explorer and Windows 7 right now.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Calvin, there seems to be a problem with Feedburner that sends out the posts by email. They aren’t always showing the photos or the video link.

      But everything should be on the blog on the actual website. You can always click on it from the email and see everything there.

  8. linda says:

    I follow your blog as next year we are excited to be joining the ranks of full time mobile travel too. I could not find the link to the documentary in this blog post – please send via e-mail. Thanks

  9. McBeef says:

    Damn! Congrats, Bob! I remember you talking about this awhile back, so awesome the it happened, man!!!!!

  10. Peggy says:

    I remember you talking about this way back when. I love me a good documentary and look forward to watching this today. Will report back! (So cool that they filmed the whole thing on Canon DSLR’s.)
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  11. Linda Sand says:

    I enjoyed the documentary and sent the link to some people to help them understand why I love traveling in my van. Good job one and all.

  12. Linda says:

    I say Amen! I am fixing up my conversion van to live in some day. I used to drive semi across country. I lived in that truck for 1-1/2 years completely happy. That’s less space than my van has. I finally talked my boyfriend into living in a camper. We moved out of a 1000 sq. foot apartment, which I hated every minute of living in, into a 39 ft. pull behind camper. He’s a pack rat and that is the smallest space I will ever live in with him because he still had to have all the comforts of home, including the washer/dryer. I’ve always been a self-sufficient kind of gal and don’t need all that stuff. I am planning on my Christmas present to myself being the finishing of my van to live in. I work for a college and I’m taking three weeks off at Christmas break to do the work. I may not move into my van immediately after getting it fixed up but ever since I’ve had it my life has had a lot less stress just knowing it’s there if I need it. I like my job and I’ve got 11 more years to go to earn my pension. I’d walk away now but I hate to waste that income. But, I’ll tell you what, if this relationship or job goes into the toilet…..I’m gone and I’m FREE!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Linda, it’s a wonderful thing to know that no mater what you will never be homeless! The future is so uncertain that having that certainty is priceless to me. It sounds like it is for as well!

  13. cerenatee says:

    Hi Bob! I loved the documentary. Everyone was just like I thought they would be from reading their blogs and following them for years. It’s amazing how I haven’t met you, however I’ve been reading your thoughts, feelings,experiences, and opinions for so long, I feel a strong connection of admiration and respect. The documentary only solidified those positive emotions for me. Hopefully I’ll be at the RTR in January, if not sooner. Take care.

    • Bob Bob says:

      cerenatee (very clever name, by the way!) you don’t want to get too deep into my mind, it can be very scary in here! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

  14. I shared the video on Facebook so my “normal” family and friends can get a better idea why the hell I’m living this way.
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  15. Dwayne says:

    Bob I absolutely loved this and think everyone appearing did a wonderful job explaining why we choose this lifestyle. I will be sharing this with members of my family and friends who believe I have totally lost touch with reality. Thanks!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Dwayne, I wish you luck with convincing family and friends you are okay! Many of us are still trying! I was very lucky and my mom didn’t understand, but she loved me and only wanted me to be happy. Thank you mom!!

      I hope it will have some positive influence on your family and make your life easier!

  16. Joe H says:


    Congrats on being featured in the documentary. Definitely placed this lifestyle in a positive light.

  17. WTXCal says:

    Hi Bob,
    I tried to post yesterday but maybe I wasn’t fully registered yet. I was able to post on the forum,which I thank everyone for the help. Just wanted to say your site is great. Just discovered it. Haven’t watched the video but am looking forward to it. Thanks for all the time and info you have put in. Very helpful to a guy fixing to hit the road.

  18. Cae says:

    Nice work! Most of the stories are people living mobile because they faced economic adversity. And I bet that’s what most viewers will take away from the film. Steve’s focus on freedom will most likely be glossed over by many viewers. I’ve lived on my 40 boat for 5 years now and the standard response almost everyone is still about not having room for their stuff. Fear not free people …..The masses are called “sheeple” for a reason.

    • Bob Bob says:

      CAE, you are totally right, it’s the stuff that imprisons us and turns us into slaves to it. We have become it’s servants and it now owns and controls us.

  19. Steve says:

    Bob, the documentary was well made and presented some interesting outlooks on living the mobile life. I too have lived mobile in the past and I camp out and live in my vehicle when taking road trips at times. I love it. It gives me a sense of adventure and I always feel good after I have returned home to know that I can live that way if I would choose to. But, that’s just it, I don’t choose to live mobile full time. There are comforts that I don’t like giving up. Everybody lives the life they do because of what ever reason that is. I don’t think any lifestyle is perfect. And as I’m sure you have heard, life is what you make it. And everyone has their own limits on what they can accept to live their life. I think I have read that somewhere from you.

    I have no anger toward anyone that does this type of living. Nor do I envy because I can basically do the same thing. I can load up my vehicle with supplies and equipment and head out for a weekend, or 1 or 2 week vacation road trip and then come home to my creature comforts. That’s what I like, and for now makes me happy. Of course, I do have boredom, depression, and unhappiness at time. But I am sure that the mobile lifestyle does too, but maybe on a different level and different reasons. I just get through it and try to make happier times. As I am sure that you and everyone else does.

    And, one more thing, all those people that are miserable and drudgingly going to work everyday to produce all the goods and services we all use. And yes, I mean “ALL” use. Just think about it, if they weren’t living the lives that they do, everyone wouldn’t have those products and services. Vans, tires and supplies for the vans, food, pet supplies, cat litter, baby wipes, 5 gallon buckets, trash removal (dumpsters,etc), solar panels, batteries, vehicle repair shops, cell phones, gps, and I could go on and on. Think about all the things that even being in a van or vehicle require. Mobile people use lots of those things and much more I am sure. You have to have them to make the mobile life possible. But even as miserable as these people are supposed to be, I think if you ask them would they like to sell everything that they have worked for, and give up their homes, no matter how humble, the majority of them would say no. It’s just the society we live in, it’s called progress. And I understand, some people don’t like to live that way. They want to go back to the basics. That’s fine. That’s what America is all about. We have the choice to do what we want, more or less. I could go out and get a van, throw in a mattress, some equipment, accessories, food, etc, and take off. Not hard at all. I could make it, no problem. I have already tested it and succeeded. But like a lot of folks, it’s just not the life I want to live. Not full time at least. I can still be frugal in a conventional lifestyle. It just takes discipline. After that, it becomes a way of habit.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Steve, I’m very glad you are happy in your life. And of course you are right, I depend on those good people to go to work and to make most of the things I use every day. If they all stopped, like I want them to, those things simply woudn’t exist.

      But then there wouldn’t be so many people living in slavery around the world either to bring us our toys. And our great-grandchildren might have a hope for a decent life in a tolerable environment.

      These are hard decisions that very few of us want to make. I’ve made mine and you will have to make yours.

    • Patrick says:

      Products that you mention are Made-In-China now a day and the Chinese are happy to make its for the world. Two thumbs up for Bob.

      • Calvin R says:

        I temped in a Honda supplier once and it made a big impression on me. Cars, once a major source of stable work, are now made largely by robots. There’s a level of technology nowadays such that many of the people who made “all those things” are no longer needed. Some of the temporary jobs I once did have been replaced by computers. What the people who did those jobs will do in the future is worth thinking about. Maybe they/we should be set free with a modest income. My bet is that not all but many would take to the road.

  20. Sandy Hale says:

    I just finished watching the video. I loved it!! My son lives in a van so he can pay off his student loans. He is able to do what he wants, when he wants, and is so happy. Once the loans are paid off, then he will start saving for a long trip to Europe. He enjoys his life!!

    • Bob Bob says:

      How wonderful Sandy! Both he and you are very brave to think so far out of the box; that’s not easy! You should be very proud of both him and yourself!

  21. Peggy says:

    Watched the movie (we even had popcorn!) and enjoyed hearing everyone’s philosophy about this lifestyle. It seems most people were kind of pushed into it in the beginning due to financial reasons but ended up embracing this way of life. I don’t necessarily need to live a mobile life but that way of life still calls to me…however I have fears about it that need to be quieted. I like that the topic of fear was dealt with in the movie.

    One thing I always wonder about is how you all fill your time. I’m kind of a workaholic and feel compelled to always be working on creative projects. I wonder if that would change if I hit the road.

    I would’ve liked to have seen more of the nuts and bolts of mobile living in the documentary, but that’s just me.

    Anyway, it was good to see you in person, Bob, and to meet some of your cohorts.
    Peggy recently posted…Hallmark Cards LicenseMy Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Peggy, you’r right the video ws bout inspiration and not much nuts and bolts. That would take another video and I doubt that’s going to happen.

      A big reason to adopt this lifestyle is because we have stopped being Human Beings and have become Humans Doing. Facing the truth of our lives is so terrifying to nearly all of us that we can’t slow down long enough to face it. Instead, we fill our lives with distractions of every sort. Once you’ve left your “civilized” mind behind, you can embrace your true self and then you can be alone with your own thoughts and be at peace. The need for constant activity and distractions will fall away.

      • Peggy says:

        I’m happy I don’t have to work for anybody but myself. But being self-employed takes over your life sometimes. It’s hard to find a good in-between.
        Peggy recently posted…Nature CalendarsMy Profile

        • Bob Bob says:

          Peggy, most self-employeed people work harder and longer than the employeed. Hopefully in the long run it pays off, but in the meantime most have even less of a life. It’s all a matter of what’s right for you.

  22. Jon J says:

    Really good documentary! Im a restless soul and long to travel and be free of most of my worldly possessions.

  23. Douglas says:

    I will be watching it in a couple of hours. I can get online at work, but not watch videos. I look forward to seeing it, most of the time news stories and other videos make it look like vandwellers are homeless bums.
    Douglas recently posted…Ammunition and electronicsMy Profile

  24. Bob, I am so thrilled to have been part of this documentary and have been so inspired by watching Michael’s insightful and soulful film!

    As I watched the entire film I kept thinking I want to live that lifestyle until I remembered…oh I am!!

    I am humbled to be part of such an inspirational and insightful group of articulate spokes people in sharing why we have chose to live mobile lifestyles rather than that of sticks and bricks.

    I know it is always a risk to authentically bare your soul to a camera without knowing what spin will end up on the final film. Yet I chose to be interviewed for Michael’s movie while on tour with the ‘Quest for Community Caravan’ because I trusted his vision and that it could be a catalyst for others in choosing to embrace an alternative life style where they could afford to live a life of what I call “prosperous simplicity” on wheels as I have been over the last several years. I am currently in Sedona, Az living in my ‘Casbah’ the 17ft Burro travel trailer as I continue to travel while exploring ‘what would love do’ on my “Ambassador of Love’ Expedition and intend to attend the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous if my schedule permits.

    I was jubilant to see the footage of my song “Promise of change” in the film! I am including the link to ‘Between the Highway and the wind’ song which they also filmed yet didn’t make it into the movie just in case anyone would like to hear the song that explores why many people take to the road to reclaim their lives.


    Bob, I am sending you and our loving community of vagabonds a cornucopia of blessings for Thanksgiving which ironically is also my birthday so I have much to be grateful for!!

    Unleash your love…Laurie

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thank you Laurie, you were really great in the documentary! I hope you can make the RTR, I’d love to see you again and give you another hug!

  25. Ming says:

    I found it to be a great documentary too, in that it portrayed why someone would want to live out of their vehicle. I feel it every time I take a trip, it’s never long enough and I don’t want to come home.

    I’ve seen so many bad videos that show people who live in their RV’s as unfortunate victims of the economic downturn, with the bright point at the end being when one of them finds a house and can have a “real” bed at last.

    It’s amazing that they did this documentary with a DSLR. Did they use the built in mic or an external one?

    • Bob Bob says:

      I agree totally, this is one of the rare documentaries that take a positive view of the mobile life.

      I’m sorry but I don’t remember the details of the shoot. I would assume they have some kind of external mic but I can’t remember for sure.

  26. Loved the documentary well done. I dream of packing up my props and hitting the road. Working on the logistics and enjoying the process.
    I wish you everything good in this magical universe.


  27. Steve says:

    I do just want to say one more thing. And that is to the people that were put in to the position of living in a vehicle through no fault of their own and because they did not choose to, I say hang in there and do the best you can. I hope things turn out well for you and that you can turn things around and get back to the type of life that you want. Unless of course after a while the mobile life appeals to you and you stay there. Then I say good for you.

  28. rand cott says:

    Bob— You have a great circle of friends. We are packed to visit your tribe. Glad this video brings us closer.
    Rand and Ann

  29. Douglas says:

    whatever happened to arizonaexplorations.com
    Douglas recently posted…Ammunition and electronicsMy Profile

  30. Ozark Sam says:

    I liked it very much.

  31. jonthebru says:

    And Homer is there! I viewed the video a second time. The filmmaker found some really articulate individuals who were able to present their life stories. I really liked the whole presentation.

  32. Douglas says:

    I usually, for a few reasons, turn down interviews. One reason is that sometimes i can be a pause filler with umms and uhhs.
    Douglas recently posted…Ammunition and electronicsMy Profile

    • Bob Bob says:

      Douglas, speaking is something you have to practice to get comfortable with and most of us don’t get that chance in our daily lives.

  33. Hi Bob…Loved the documentary. I agree with most points and comments.

    As I mentioned last note, my wife and I just moved into an apt in lovely Eugene, OR last week after eight incredible years on the road. The last four were primarily boondocking on BLM or NF lands. Loved the freedom of living off the grid!

    Now we are in the process of buying, buying, buying furniture to set up a comfortable lifestyle that combines apt living so we can take advantage of our community out here in the Northwest half time, and then spend the rest of the time back on the road. But…just as the documentary states, about half of our money is now going to afford both lifestyles …apt rent plus RV living costs, which for the next few months will be storage. Fortunetly, we have enough money to do it all without touching our nest egg by working seasonally once in a while.

    We are doing it because my wife, my best friend, wanted to settle down once again after nearly 15 years travelling about the world. “Happy wife, Happy Life.” She has given up a lot of community locally to travel far and wide, so I figure it’s my time to support her in her quest for community. So, going half-time is a compromise, as so many life choices are. But…will miss the simplicity and friends (tribe) of the RVing lifestyle while adapting to the new reality of apt living part of the year.

    Thanks for sharing your lifestyle!

  34. Sam says:

    Hey, I knew that guy when his dog was the famous one. hehe

  35. Steve says:

    huh??? Everything is produced in China these days? So according to Bob and Patrick if we didn’t have China making everything for us there would not be any products for us to buy, and no slavery in those countries. Oh, and by the way, if everything is coming from China, then what are these poor miserable people doing when they go to the jobs they hate so much everyday that pays for the products and services and things that keep them so unhappy? If China and other countries are doing everything for us, and producing and giving us everything, I would have to assume that American workers must just go into fake companies and factories and just sit around and and do nothing, then collect a paycheck at the end of the week. Not bad. I think I will go get one of those jobs.
    But, seriously, can you explain to me what you really meant? I know, I was injecting a little sarcasm into things, but I can’t really understand that way of thinking.

    • Patrick says:

      If you have to ask where consumer products are made today, I think you already know the answer. I’m just correctly the wrong statements that you made.

  36. Steve says:

    Thank you Patrick for trying to correct me. And yes I agree that there are many things that are produced in other countries. But, there are lots and lots of products produced here in the USA. Just for starters, lots of automobiles are produced here. And guess what? A lot of them are foreign brand names. I could give you a list, but you and anyone else can do a simple web search and educate themselves. And while you are checking cars, check out what other products are made right here in the US. There are lots. We live in a global economy now.
    I was just stating before that if it weren’t for all the hard working folks that are going in to their jobs everyday that everyone, including vehicle dwellers would not have the products that make their lives easy and fruitful to them. And I was also stating that if you asked most of these hard working people if they would want to sell, give away, or walk away from their way of life that they have worked so hard for, to be living mobile and all that entails, the vast majority would say no. That’s neither good or bad as far as I am concerned.
    And just think about this, if all those unhappy souls did just check out and start living in vehicles, it would get pretty crowded in the mobile community. Everywhere would start looking like Quartzite in the winter. Then the mobile community would not be such a novelty and start looking pretty hectic. The pesky rangers that are mentioned quite a bit would be going crazy trying to keep track of the 14 day limit on everyone.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Steve, I’m really sorry I haven’t had time to really answer your comments, I tried to address them in the post.

      First, I’m sorry that I’ve offended you with my dedication to my lifestyle. And you’re right, I feel like your way of life is so terribly destructive to us as humans and to the eco-system that supports us that I do not support it and my main goal is to offer as many people as will listen an alternative. I’m well aware that you will probably disagree with that statement and I understand. I’ve written about it a lot and I can’t write it all out here again. For now we will simply have to agree to disagree.

      Second, I so believe that the the modern industrialized world is so horribly destructive to the planet and to us as humans, that I am morally bound to work against it. Again, I am well aware that you don’t believe that, and again we will simply have to agree to disagree. But I’m left with three choices: 1) drop out and try to do as little harm to the planet as I can and do nothing to warn others and leave the people and the planet to the great harm we are doing to them. 2) work as an eco-terrorist and fight for the planet, 3) work from within system to do everything I can to call as many out as will receive my message. The first is the cowards way out and I’ve rejected it. The second is is frightening and dangerous and I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do it. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison and that is the likely end result and I’m still unlikely to accomplish much. So I’ve chosen the third. With every word I write I’m fighting for the planet and the humans who live in it. I’m fighting for our freedom and for our dignity.

      The chance to save our eco-system from disaster without a major disruption of our lives has passed. We fiddled it away while Rome burned. If we are going to save our great-grand-children from miserable lives we are all going to have to go through a lot of disruption and pain to get there. But we are so afraid of any tiny sacrifice and discomfort that we will not do it willingly. So it’s going to be inflicted on us in a very hard way.

      If you become a vandweller now, you will have done all you can do to prevent the horrors to come and when they do come you will be much better prepared.

      I’m well aware you don’t agree with anything I’ve written here, and I don’t hold it against you. I just hope that you can see that if you begin with the assumptions I begin with (even though you reject them) that there is a certain logic in what I say and what I’m doing.

  37. ILDan says:

    Bob- Your genuineness, if that’s a word, came through loud and clear. No hype, just genuine you. And as with your site/blog, it makes you a great ambassador for the lifestyle. No muss, no fuss; just information and a welcome. Thank you for your willingness to share and please pass the same thanks to the others who participated, as well. I think the tone of the documentary and the participants’ enthusiasm and normalcy will inspire many and threaten none.

    Although available on YouTube now, is there a possibility of buying a hard copy?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all at your camp!

    • Patrick says:

      You can download it from Youtube. here the link to download free Youtube downloader: http://www.ytddownloader.com/ and install it and start it then download the video. Please get permission from Micheal to download it.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Dan, thanks for your very kind words. I have many flaws, but I really honestly believe in what I say and what I’m doing. And on a regular basis I hear from people whose live have been changed by the message.

      I must admit I have no idea of there is or will be a hard copy. I have to admit I would probably buy one myself, so maybe there will be. I’ll look into it.

  38. margo says:

    i too was a little worried when the talk about the film started, then it occured to me that someone that is able to put together such an organized and well done site would certainly be capable of knowing who to trust. i’ve wondered how the project was getting on and was so delighted when i ran into the link to view it! i loved it! i agree that many people would be happier living moble. i think that if they were able to try it even for a short time they would understand the joy of it. i think that the documentary will help those that have been thinking about it. i also think that there have been entirely to many “i’s” in this post! thank you, margo

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Margo, I’m glad you feel like it will work for good for us. It’s always a risk to trust someone else with your story, but in this case I think it worked out well.

  39. Steve says:

    Margo, you should not have worried because you were correct in assuming that Bob would be having someone producing a documentary that would not bring you any repercussions. So,you can relax because you now know how the project turned out. Also, you may be correct about this helping people that were undecided in becoming mobile making up their minds. You never know. You know what? You are right, there were a lot of “i’s” in your post. But I think you will also have to agree, as I am sure you can see, there are a lot “you’s” in mine. 🙂

  40. Opa says:

    This will be an Oscar Winner.On Oscar night Bob will drive up to the RED CARPET in his van and trailer with Cody sticking his head out of the window barking like hell.Bob, when they stick the camera in your face wave and say Hi MOM. You better start working on your speech.

  41. Omar Storm says:

    Hi Bob,

    I enjoyed watching the documentary, thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire Tribe! Have a great day.


  42. tommy helms says:

    Q: What do Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Bob have in common?

    A: They are all movie stars

  43. Ken wilson says:

    Couldn’t watch the documentary, where do I go?

  44. Darlene says:

    I really enjoyed the documentary although I think viewers might have enjoyed seeing more of the insides of everyone’s vehicles. Of course I understand the need for privacy but it would’ve been nice to have a little tour.

    That aside, I especially enjoyed the young couple, very casual and low key and seemingly happily cohabiting in such a tiny space, makes one believe in love. Everyone did a good job though. Tell you what impressed me most was hearing your voice, Bob, very nice voice too.

  45. Martha S. says:

    So glad I checked in today to the blog. The documentary is great and seems to give a capsule of why different people choose to van-dwell. Giving up the house to travel full time is a goal, hopefully not too far away. In the meantime my favorite blogs (like yours) and this documentary are definitely inspiration. I’ve added Mobile Codgers to my blog list, glad to have discovered that one. Cheers to all involved!

  46. Jim in TX says:

    Long-time lurker, first-poster. I loved the documentary so much I watched it back-to-back! Just a great insight into such a simple, honest lifestyle.

    I’d like to give something in return, perhaps a longer note from “This Side,” if you will. The documentary gave me a lot to think about, that’s for sure. Thank you all for doing it!

  47. Gretchen says:

    AWESOME docu Bob, knew it was going to be special just like you are, the best vandwelling guru there ever was, bar none!!!! Biscotti, who is now 15 and I are calling Tucson home for awhile in brick and morter, this life style is more to his liking plus he never liked vandwelling the past 2 years with me and I needed to honor his need to end his life in comfort. Many blessing and joy to you during the coming holiday season and all the very best in the coming new year – Mr. celebrity:)

    • Bob Bob says:

      Gretchen, I can surely understand your love and devotion to Biscotti, our furry kids require sacrifice from us just like our real kids do. Family is everything.

  48. Larry Dageak says:

    Well I just finished watching the video and it was ok but I wonder how many of the people in the video would be out there living in their vans if they had a choice.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Larry, every single person in that video is out there by choice, 100% all of them.

      Here’s my question for you, how many people would be living civilized lives if they hadn’t been indoctrinated into it by our society. Of course all we can do is speculate because breaking out of the brainwashing is so very hard to do. My guess is very few.

  49. Casa de Wherever says:

    I am proud of you and glad to have met someone who
    willingly shares and helps others – thank you! And such a
    terrific, no-nonsense, straight forward video showcasing
    alternative living was very well done. Your insightful
    philosophies on freedom, conservation and consumerism are
    also spot-on, leading to much more sustainable lives for
    future generations. Once again, thank you!

    Very much looking forward to the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous-
    what a great seminar line up!

    P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed your book (what a bargain!)

  50. Linda says:

    Haven’t been able to view it all the way through yet, but I thought it was very sensitively done and absolutely loved seeing my friends. 🙂

  51. I watched it 3 times. Once by myself. Once with the hubby. Once with my grown son. I’ll be watching it again this weekend. Does it sound like I’m at all interested in this lifestyle? 😉

  52. Gennifer says:

    I’ve been out of the loop for a bit, so I just now got around to seeing the documentary. What a great job you all did! I loved actually hearing you speak after reading your blog for so long!

    For so long I felt like a freak or weirdo because I felt the same way as you about society, but I didn’t know anyone else who felt that way. When I discovered your blog, and now watching the documentary, I am so grateful to know that I am part of a tribe, even if I haven’t met you all in person yet. Keep up the great work, Bob!

  53. Curtis M. says:

    Old post Bob but wanted to add my 2 cent. This is by far one of the most inspirational documentaries I have ever seen. Thank you for being a part of it.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Curtis, that’s very kind of you. But the truth is all the credit goes to the director, he made me look good–he must be a magician!!

  54. I’m 65 and have felt this tug since my early 20’s. I’m alone now ..well…with 4 little dogs…both my sons live a distance away. So I’ve started downsizing….Had a sick RV…miss her..but have a cool 1999 for E250 conversion van now….I need to research solar generators….or something that will keep us cool in the summer….I loved this documentary …watched it more than once. THANK YOU all!!! Something to move towards….

    • Bob Bob says:

      I’m so glad you liked the documentary Kathy. We all need a little inspiration and motivation sometimes. The best times of your life can be ahead of you!

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