2018 Women’s RTR

Welcome!  Please return often.  This page will continue to be updated.

(last updated 11/20/17)

At dawn’s first light, only the chairs remain from the evening campfire, RTR 2016.  (by Suanne Carlson)

By Suanne Carlson

After hearing feedback at the Women’s Meetings during previous RTRs (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous), and after reading several requests in the forum for a women’s get together, we are offering a Women’s RTR.  So, immediately following the main RTR from January 11th to 21st, continue to camp with other women from the 22nd to 24th.

Bob and I consider the Women’s RTR an extension of the regular RTR.  That is, the Women’s RTR will explore topics of specific interest to women rather than repeating seminars that were covered earlier during the main RTR.  (Here is a link to Bob’s video explaining what will be offered during the main RTR.)

If you are experienced in the vandwelling lifestyle, we want you there.  If you are a newbie, we want you there.  Like the regular RTR, this will be a time to learn, share your experiences, and build community.   If you are a woman, you are welcome regardless of your vehicle or full-/part-time status.

All types of vehicles fit into the vandwelling lifestyle, RTR 2017.      (by Suanne Carlson)


We will have lots of opportunities to get to know and learn from each other informally – morning coffee/tea, and evening potlucks.  Based on comments from the previous years’ Women’s Meetings, this is the most requested addition.

We will have two panel discussions with women role-models from within the vandwelling community.  Note: This is in addition to the two Women’s Meetings during the regular RTR which are scheduled for each of the two Fridays at 2pm.

The two topics of interest that have come up year after year at the RTR’s Women’s Meetings are: 1) Safety, and 2) Personal hygeine (bathroom/shower).  We will cover those issues in-depth.  Neither concern has a one-size-fits-all solution; so, we will have multiple women on those panels present a wide range of perspectives for you to consider for the solution that you consider your best fit.

In conversations with other vandwelling women, additional topics and activities have come up (beyond safety, personal hygiene, and topics covered during the regular RTR).    So, we will have concurrent 20-minute mini-sessions during one of our afternoons together.  On the CheapRVLiving forum, women had a chance to vote for their most desired topics.  Here is the result of that voting:

Title of 20-Minute Mini-Session Percent of Votes
Map reading to find places to camp 18.27%
Useful smartphone mapping apps 12.50%
Cheap meal planning for one 10.58%
Finding places for laundry, water, trash, ice, etc. 9.62%
Checking the oil and other fluids 8.65%
Safety practices for over-nighting in town 8.65%
Safe food storage with little or no refrigeration 6.73%
Tire maintenance — checking pressure and airing up 6.73%
Using basic power tools 6.73%
Setting a budget 3.85%
Pitching a tent properly for privacy or sleeping 2.88%
Paying down debts 1.92%
Starting your own radio blog 1.92%
Short-cuts/How-tos on hair cuts, care and color 0.96%

We will have as many of these topics presented as possible.

We will also provide an opportunity for experienced vandwellers to coach and/or mentor those new to the lifestyle:

  • For a couple of hours to:
    • Help you downsize,
    • Give you tips to organize your small space, or
    • Show you how to use your tech devices to find resources and for entertainment.
  • For a week or longer (as agreed)  to:
    • Get you in the flow of finding a place to camp, getting supplies, moving to another camp, etc., or
    • Camp together in Ehrenberg (about 20 miles west) where there’s no ranger enforcement of 14-day limit

Sunset at the 2017 RTR      (by Suanne Carlson)

Following the Women’s RTR, some women may elect to travel together, or camp together elsewhere (as our 14-day limit will have been reached at the RTR location).


The rules for the main RTR hold true throughout the Women’s RTR as well (see Bob’s YouTube video or website). Additionally, to create a safe space where women may express themselves freely, please no video/audio taping or photos during the Women’s RTR.

Contact (Suanne) by email: WomensRTR@gmail.com