Month: January 2013

Homer demands that I take him for a walk every morning and night (and he is the boss!) so we do it every day. At the RTR a group joins in and walks with us. I took this picture yesterday in the nice evening light.

The RTR is winding down and it has been another huge success. So many people having such a wonderful time!! It’s very easy to say that everybody is having a great time, but it really is true. There are many new people here who are exploring the mobile life for the very first time. One common thing they all say is that they came here unsure of what they would find. Would they be safe, or would they be so afraid that they would have to give up? Everything seemed so new and strange; what challenges would come up and could they handle them? Would the tent blow over? Would it be so cold they would have to give up? Their families, children and friends had thought they had lost their minds and continually urged them not to go: “You are going out to the desert to camp with total strangers, you will be murdered in your sleep…or worse!!” But the most common fear is loneliness, after all we are social animals, we intuitively want to part of a pack or a tribe. It’s one thing to give up your entire old life and start over a new completely foreign one, it is entirely different to do it alone and against the advice of everyone you love..

We have four RoadTreks in camp this year but this is the newest and nicest. It is gorgeous inside and out.

So they came here and they were so relieved to find they were not alone. They were among a new family and new friends and forming life-long bonds. It is a marvelous thing to watch and be part of and I truly humbled to have played a small part in making it happen.

What about you? Has your time come? Are you ready to start over a new life but the many unanswered questions and fear paralyze you? I urge you to follow in the footsteps of the many brave men and women who are gathered here and follow your hearts. Use your head and make plan, but be determined to be happy. Don’t settle for a mediocre, monotonous, drab life of barely getting by. Be Happy! There will always be a tribe here waiting for you here, so you don’t have to face the challenge alone. See you soon!

I didn’t have time to write much again this post, so here are more pictures from the RTR:

This older Toyota Chinook looks like it has been restored perfectly. This year we have two of them. They get 22 mpg and are very comfortable inside.

A beautiful but hard to find Ford high-top cargo van named Hulk. It makes an incredible home!

A gorgeous Airstream trailer males an incredible home.

This was a good year for Astro minivans at the RTR, there are three of them here now. And what isn’t to love, decent mpg, reliable and extreme stealth. This one has 280 watts of solar on the roof and a luggage rack for more cargo.

This box truck gives a huge amount of space and outstanding stealth. With a diesel engine it get okay mpg.