Review Of Williams Camp (and e-Bike update)

We’ve been in our Williams Camp for about 2 weeks so I thought I had better post a review of it. The RTR is coming up next week, so we will be leaving here in five days. I think it is better if I give you a camp report while I am still in the camp.


The Williams camp is in a large clearing surrounded by trees.

Before I do let me update you on the bike. I think this is a good time for that because the Williams camp is the perfect place to ride it. I have ridden nearly every day over to a nice little lake a mile or so away and it is a pleasant ride with just enough hills to push me. But the last two days were so busy I just couldn’t get a ride in. So today I decided to take advantage of the rest and ride into Williams. I turned on my GPS and clocked the ride as exactly 4.2 miles (round trip of 8.4) from the camp to the front door of the Safeway grocery store. It took me 24 minutes and I averaged 10 mph that one way. I returned a Red Box movie, bought a few groceries and rode home. It was a perfect trip! I saved on gas and really enjoyed riding around town! I’m still not fit, but I can already tell a marked improvement from my first trip into town. I’m very encouraged that this is going to work out really well and accomplish everything I want out of it: 1) Being healthier, 2) Saving on gas and wear and tear on the van 3) Being fun, 4) Being better for Sacred Mother Earth.


We have a nice (but muddy) pond surrounded by wildflowers.

Bottom Line: **** (4 Stars) Williams has been a great camp! It is much cooler than Prescott was and much more beautiful. We are in a tall Ponderosa pine forest (Kaibab National Forest) that is really wonderful and are close to a natural pond that the dogs all love to wade and play in. It is secluded with very little traffic and we haven’t seen a Ranger since we have been here. Williams is a really nice little town and it’s only 4 miles away. The internet has been great! Our only complaint is it is a little warmer than we would like. It’s hit the low 90s a few times and the 80 would be better. The best thing is it is only 50 miles from here to the Grand Canyon.

Date Visited: June 2013

Elevation/Season: 6900 feet. If the low 90s are okay with you then this is a great camp for the whole summer. Especially since if you don’t have solar, you can easily find a tall tree to hide under for shade.

Internet: **** (4 Stars) We’ve got a solid 4g signal on Verizon.


It is so close we made a run up to the Grand Canyon. BREATHTAKING!

Shopping: **** (4 Stars) I am satisfied with any town that has a Safeway grocery store. They are well-stocked, have excellent customer service, and have middling prices but generally very good sale prices. There isn’t a Home Depot, but there is a True Value Hardware, which is more expensive but still good good. I would have given it a an average 3 star rating but it is so close you will save a lot in gas and Flagstaff is only 30 miles away with outstanding shopping.


Lots of big trees you can tuck your van under. Notice the suitcase solar in the sun while the van is in the shade.

Ranger Enforcement: ***** (5 Stars) While the road into our amp is actually fairly poor, it has a gate and between the two people just don’t come back here, which means there is no reason for the Rangers to check on it. We haven’t seen a Ranger yet!

Scenery: **** (4 Stars). Arizona doesn’t really have much mountain scenery like the Sierras or Rockies, but the forests are still very beautiful. And Flagstaff is close to having mountains and is a beautiful town. When you include the close proximity to the Grand Canyon and to Sedona, it is much more than average in scenery.

Feel/Size of the town:*** (3 Stars)  Williams has two claims to fame, 1) It’s history with route 66 and 2) It is the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Those two things dominate the town and give it a very pleasant vibe. It is primarily a tourist town so there are lots of gift shops selling Route 66 and Grand Canyon memorabilia along with a large variety of restaurants and even a couple of very good little sporting good stores. It’s a nice town, I really like it. I knocked off a star because I couldn’t find anyplace to get UPS or FedEx packages.


Very nice forest to take great walks in.

Wildlife: *** (3 Stars) Steve saw deer and elk when he got here, but we scared them of because no one else has seen any. I haven’t even seen any small game. We did see a coyote up close, but that’s all.

Solitude/ATVs: **** (4 Stars) There has been very little traffic through camp at all. So I give it 4 Stars.

Hiking: *** (3 Stars) It’s very nice walking here because it is a very open forest, you can cut cross-country or stay on the roads. Also it is generally cool walking because of all the trees providing shade. But, the roads are rocky, so you have to be careful and pay attention to where you put your feet.


Gloria and I under a big Ponderosa pine.

Insects: **** (4 Stars) There are less than the normal amount, especially considering that we have too large ponds.

Dog Friendly: ***** (5 Stars) This is a great place for dogs. They all love to drink and wade in the ponds, which keeps them cool, there are no cactus and plenty of grass to keep their paws safe and they like to lie on. It doesn’t get much better than this for dogs!



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