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My friend Bryce is selling this beautiful 8 x 18 cargo trailer with 500 watts of solar, roof rack, two vents and two windows for $8500 obo. It was built in 2014 and is in like-new condition.

My friend Bryce is selling this beautiful 8 x 18 cargo trailer with 500 watts of solar, roof rack, two vents and two windows for $8500 obo. It was built in 2014 and is in like-new condition.

If you are interested in living in a converted cargo trailer, I have good news! One of my good friends, Bryce, who has been a traveling nomad the last few years has finally found where he wants to settle down and has bought a small house in Pahrump, NV; it will become his home-base that he takes trips out of.  You might expect me to condemn him for that, but I can see a lot of wisdom and practicality in it. Some of us have such extreme itchy feet we can never settle down, but others, like my friend, also have a need for a settled place to call home. If it makes you happy, more power to you! If  he and the trailer sounds familiar, it’s because I did a post on them a few years back. He also hosts many get-togethers for the tribe, like this Super Bowl party:

So the reason for this post is because he is selling his 8 x 18 cargo trailer which is very well set-up as a base to live in; he’s asking $8,500 or best offer. You may wonder why I’m doing a post about it, and the reason is because everyone wins when I do:

  1. Bryce wins because he sells his trailer.
  2. Whoever buys it wins because it’ll be an incredible deal for someone as a foundation to start a mobile life.
  3. The audience wins because you get some creative ideas for your mobile life.

Because Bryce already had a 4×4 truck with a slide-in camper that he loved living in, he wasn’t looking for a new home, what he wanted was something like a recreation room that he could turn into his man-cave. He knew just what he needed to go into it:

  • A 55 inch flat-screen TV
  • X-Box to play games on
  • 500 watts of solar to power it all
  • Recliner to comfortably play games or watch TV
  • Being someone who loves to host people and cook for them, he wanted to be able to carry a large, multi-burner barbecue grill he could use as a grill, stove top or an oven.

Only the solar is included with the trailer–nothing else.

His Man-Cave is a blank slate waiting for you to turn it into the home of your dreams!

His Man-Cave is a blank slate waiting for you to turn it into the home of your dreams!

He loved the comfort and extreme mobility of his 4X4 pickup and slide-in camper, but he couldn’t have any of those luxury items in it. The perfect solution was a trailer that he could play in during the winter and then put in storage for the summer when he traveled in the camper. So he started looking around for one and finally bought his 8 x 18, dual-axle,  enclosed cargo trailer made by Interstate. But now that he’s decided to buy a house, he no longer needs the  trailer, so it is for sale.

Here’s what makes it a perfect foundation as a trailer for a nomad:

  • At 8 x 18 it’s large enough to have all the comfort you need, but not so large and heavy as to be hard to tow or impossible to get back into remote boondocking spots.
  • Insulated roof–factory installed
  • Roof rack–factory installed
  • 2  Windows and 2 top vents–factory installed
  • Barn doors on back
  • 500 watts of solar on top, 80 amp Outback charge controller. Total cost of entire solar power system including batteries: $1800, not including installation. Each component, is the very best you can buy!
  • 4 six-volt deep cycle Crown golf-cart batteries
  • 2500 watt inverter
  • It’s an Interstate brand trailer
  • Built in 2014
  • It’s spent nearly it’s entire life in the desert southwest–no rust
  • Like new condition
  • Two heavy duty axles rated at 7000 pounds total
  • Weighs about 3000 pounds giving it about ~4000 pound payload

But, he’s done nothing to the inside, it’s a blank slate that you have to convert to just what you want it to be.


Looking forward you see the side-door, one of the windows and one of the vents.

A Blank Slate, Like an Empty Apartment

Before you get disappointed and think you aren’t interested in it because it isn’t already converted for you, let me offer you a different way to look at it: see it as an empty apartment you get to fix up just how you want it. If it were mine, I’d leave it as an open shell and fill it full of furniture just like it was an apartment. The one difference is, you might want to put in walls to separate out the bathroom or even a bedroom. Everything else you can make it into a wonderful home with just furniture. Best of all, it won’t cost much or require hardly any building, maybe even none.

The first van I lived in was a box van with a 8 X 12 box, and I loved almost everything about it because it’s just a big, empty, square box waiting for me to bring it to life. I’m a big fan of buying used furniture inside a van! It’s cheap, durable, reasonably attractive, feels homey and is very good for the environment. It’s only drawback is it’s weight but if you shop specifically looking for light-weight items, the weight will be acceptable. An option is to go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy their plastic organizing units intended for garages. They will be lighter than what you could make from wood and very, very durable. Here is what I did in my box van and would do with a 8 X 18 trailer if it were me:

  1. Put a recliner in it: I tell you what, the single best thing I did to make my life better is get a recliner; it would almost be worth it to me to buy this just to have the space for a recliner!
  2. Bunk beds: You can get all kinds of bunk beds now and I’d buy or build one with a larger bottom bunk and use the top one as storage unless I had guests, then it would be theirs.
  3. Industrial Plastic Shelving. What I did with my box van was go down to Costco and buy their heavy-duty plastic shelving and place it up against the walls for storage. I screwed it into the plywood on the walls and in the 6 years I lived in it, the shelves worked perfectly no matter how much weight they had on them.
  4. Desk–preferably a roll-top or computer desk: It’s hard to beat a desk for practicality! You get a large surface to use as a counter-top, drawers below and hopefully shelves above with a roll-top or computer desk. Highly recommended.
  5. Dressers and Armoires: These are great for clothes organization and making your home look nice.
  6. Heavy–duty plastic drawers and closets: These don’t look as nice as furniture but they are drastically lighter and very durable.
  7. Book shelves: There is little that is better for organization than book shelves.
  8. Build a Bathroom: This isn’t something I would bother with but with that much room it would be easy to build a wall and create a bathroom. A pre-fab shower stall and eco-temp on-demand hot water heater  will keep you clean. Then get a bath vanity with sink, add a 20 gallon water tank on the floor (no worries about freezing) and a 12 volt water pump and you are good to go. You can collect gray water into Reliance 7 gallon jugs, or let it drain out on the ground. I’d NEVER have black tanks so I’d use a 5 gallon bucket, porta-potti or composting toilet instead.

Here’s Byrce’s camp at his Super Bowl Party 2016. He just swung the 55 inch TV around and opened up the back for all of us to watch. Notice he drops his camper and runs a shade cloth between them for shade, or a tarp for rain.



That sounds like it could cost a lot of money, but that’s why I would search diligently for used furniture. There’s little doubt in my mind you could get it all used for pennies on the dollar if you search diligently. These are the places I’d concentrate my search:

  1. Thrift Stores
  2. Craigslist
  3. Garage Sales

If this sounds like something you are interested in, Bryce is asking $8500 or best offer. I’d encourage you to contact Bryce through his email address at:

He and the trailer are located at Pahrump, NV which is 60 miles due west of Las Vegas.

I’m making Videos on my good friends James YouTube Channel. See them here:

Thanks for supporting this site by using these links to Amazon. I’ll make a small percentage on your purchase and it won’t cost you anything, even if you buy something different.


For the last two Thanksgivings Bryce has used his grill to make delicious turkeys for the whole tribe!


I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

22 comments on “Cargo Trailer for Sale
  1. Canine says:

    What a great deal! It is large enough for a couple or a small family. It is insulated. It has solar already installed with plenty of room to grow. Bryce is being very reasonable; he must be a very giving individual.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    If you install a shower curtain for a bathroom wall you get privacy without weight.

  3. Rick says:

    Bob, when I click to view comments, your page changes and then there are no comments. A glitch?

  4. Rick says:

    Okay, now that I’ve left a comment, I can see the comments. I’ve never experienced your site doing that before.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Rick, yes, it’s a glitch. WordPress uses a bunch of plug-ins ad add-ons, and any one fo them can update ad cause problems and then you have to track down the culprit–very frustrating for everybody!

  5. Howiet says:

    I suppose we will all have to caravan to Pahrump for Superbowl Sunday now. 🙂


  6. Calvin Rittenhouse says:

    I would put a gray water tank in there. There’s really a lot of space, and a 10-gallon or larger waste water tank is the requirement to spend months of time at the LTVAs at Quartzsite and Yuma without having to be near the toilet. Besides, it would make for longer stays in general before wastewater became a problem. I agree with buying from thrift stores and yard sales. After, you could pick the stuff up with the trailer and save storing and handling.

  7. Not sure how I feel about this being the end of a special era. We sure will miss the gatherings at the man cave, but am happy for Bryce. Congratulations Bryce! … And to whoever buys the trailer. An awesome deal. Like Bob said, “everyone wins.”
    Debra Dickinson recently posted…6/11/16-Part 1, Rose Valley, Los Padres Natl Forest, Ojai CAMy Profile

  8. Jewellann says:

    I have looked at several Travel Trailers 14 to 18 footers and they seem to have single axles more often than not. I like the double axles for heavier loads and as flats seem easier to manage with them.

    Also since I do a lot of “Road Side Shopping” it”s amazing what good stuff is set out for others to use. I was even offered the kitchen sink by a guy who saw some friends and I “shopping” at his Moms curb. a lot of free stuff around if you look for it, like Craigs List. Thrift stores and Habitat For Humanity Restores are great for saving money. I hope whoever gets this trailer does a build thread with PICTURES here on CRVL.

  9. Zman says:

    Why no “black tank” Bob?

    • Bob Bob says:

      Zman, too much hassle. Black tanks force you to go and dump which has zero appeal to me. A 5 gallon bucket works perfectly for me and is super simple.

  10. Omar Storm says:


    Very nice.


  11. Rick says:

    Okay, this is annoying. When I click on Comments, the page reloads and shows no comments.

  12. Omar Storm says:


    I agree, but it appears as though we have to make a comment to read the comments.

  13. Marty says:

    Your remark regarding that you would use a 5 gallon bucket instead of a black-water tank.
    O.K., now it’s full. Then what do you do?
    Ditto for porta potties either with small tanks or plastic bags?

    • Bob Bob says:

      Hi Marty, I only use the 5 gallon bucket one time then I wrap it up in its tall kitchen garbage bag. Then I wrap that in a 4 gallon scented bag, then I wrap that in a grocery store plastic bag and tie it off. If I’m far from cities and trash dumpsters, it stores in the footwell of the rivers seat and I never smell it. Next time I’m in town, I throw it away

      I don’t use a porta potti, but if I did you just dump them down in any toilet straight into the sewers.

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