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There have been some major changes in my life recently! As you may have noticed, all my videos have been removed from the Enigmatic Nomadic YouTube channel–that was a mutual decision between James and I. We had creative differences about the direction of the channel and, of course, it was his channel to do with as he saw fit. I’m not one that likes to fight so rather than fight we simply agreed to disagree and parted ways amicably as friends. I wish James all the best, and hope you will all continue to subscribe and follow his channel and watch his videos. He does great work!!

I have a new channel and here’s the link–I believe you will all love it!

The great majority of the old videos will be re-edited and posted on my new channel. On many of them all I need to do is change the card at the very beginning of the video so it doesn’t say a collaboration between Enigmatic and Cheaprvliving. But video is never that easy! After that it still must be re-rendered and uploaded to Youtube and that takes time and bandwidth. Some of them must be totally re-edited from the original raw footage and they will take longer for me to get to.

A very few of the old videos will be lost forever, fortunately, not many, just 4 or 5. I’m very sorry about that but it was just the inevitable result of the split. To be honest some of them were fairly low quality and I’ll be glad to reshoot them and make them a little better.

I’ve shot an introductory video for my new channel, you can find it here.

The truth is I have fallen in love with making videos. I love the creative nature of it and  the immediate feedback I get from it. Most of all I love the impact it has on people! I would never have guessed I would be any good on video (I’m certainly not photogenic!!) but people seem to like it so I’m very pleased by that.

My biggest problem has been finding time to do everything I want and need to do. That’s been made much worse right now because I have to re-edit all the old videos and continue to make new ones at the same time. I had already shot a dozen videos that needed to be edited and now I can’t get to any of them. I’ve decided that the only way I can keep up is by hiring some people to help me. So I’ve “hired” a friend to help as my social media director and another friend will take over a lot of the routine video editing for me. With their help, you should be seeing lots more new content coming up on the channel very, very soon.

My camp near Salt Lake where I went to pick up my son.

My camp near Salt Lake where I went to pick up my son last week.

Just this last week something wonderful happened but also something that consumed a huge amount of my time–my son came down from Alaska to visit Utah. After his visit last April, he has fallen in love with the beauty of the state of Utah and is planning to visit often. That’s a win-win for everyone because it’s one of my favorite places anywhere and I’ll get to see him more by showing him around!  So I dropped everything and drove a thousand miles to travel around the state with him. I love having the life of a nomad that lets me do that!!!

But imagine my consternation that it happened just as James and my situation came to a head! Just when I have all this new work to do, I’m driving around Utah instead–and even worse, about half the time I don’t even have internet connection! My life became utter chaos and I’ve just been overwhelmed by all that’s on my plate!!! Of course I wouldn’t miss being with my son for anything in the world! Spending time with him is my greatest joy and worth any minor cost, so all these other distraction just had to go to the backburner.

He’s flown home to Alaska now and with my friends coming on board to help, I believe you’re going to see an unprecedented level of quality videos produced very quickly. Believe me when I say, the very best is yet to come!

The mountains in the distance are above Slat Lake City--they had lots of snow on them!

The mountains in the distance are above Salt Lake City–they had lots of snow on them!

Some people noticed and commented on the small amount of snow on the mountains in the background of the video. That was actually the Great Basin National Park and it had a little snow. But when I drive down to get my son from Salt Lake City (where he flew into) it had a ton of new snow on it’s mountains. In fact my camp for that first night was in the mountains above Kamas Utah and I camped in about 4 inches of new snow! Winter is on it’s way to the high country–get ready!

Be sure and check out my YouTube Channel here:

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The road to my camp.

The road to my camp, September 24, 2016.


I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

72 comments on “My New YouTube Channel
  1. Your photos are beautiful!

    Glad you’ll have your own You Tube channel. When I was in business, I didn’t want partners. It was just easier to be on my own and do things my way, and it worked out great. Sometimes sole ownership is just a better option. I’m sure this will work well for you, too. You’ll be BUSY, but it will be fun and satisfying, I’m sure. ?

  2. Jello says:

    I am so thankful you are going to continue making videos.

    In the end, this is probably for the best, because sharing a Youtube channel never seems to wholly work out for people in general.

  3. Cae says:

    I still remember first finding your website back in 2009, I think it was….it’s only gotten better with time. It did have a kind of quaint, home spun quality back then, though.
    Your photography has gotten really good and your cinematography seems to be going in the same direction. Look forward to your new creations. Thanks.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Cae, you are certainly right about that. I did everything back then and I didn’t do it very well. I think it has gotten much better since then!

  4. Good for you to be on your own. Please use “captions” on your videos for those of us with hearing loss.

  5. Lucy says:

    Glad you are back on the video business, LOVE your latest Utah pictures !

    My regards, Lucy.

  6. Linda Sand says:

    So the only way to have control is to have control? Who would have guessed. 🙂

    Unfortunately, my browser has stopped letting me access videos. My guru needs to figure out what to do about this.

  7. John Bruce says:

    “Born To Wander Productions!”
    “Stay calm and carry on.” You produce well done, very helpful videos, so does James. I look forward to the new content.

  8. Lynn says:

    I subscribed to your new channel Bob. You’re really getting to be a good videographer.
    Be sure to take some time to stop and catch your breath after this whirlwind summer.

  9. John Dough says:

    I had been wondering why you two had been sharing what is essentially youtube’s free infrastructure.

    Looking forward to more great content from both your channels.

  10. gary e green says:

    bobo ! loner man , all the best on your new channel ! are we going to see you at big Q ?

  11. Mazen Mobassaleh says:

    How to subribe to your channel
    how much does it cost

  12. Bob McCann says:

    Yay! You were my original inspiration to full time. Now that I am actually doing it (starting 11/30/16) I view your site daily. Keep up the good work … and the good play!

  13. Mary says:

    I’m your latest subscriber. I’m just getting started on a part-time nomad life so I’m looking forward to your new channel.

  14. Brad says:

    I wish you well, Bob, and I will be following and looking forward to your future videos!

  15. YvonneG says:

    Lovely photos. Loved your videos and look forward to more …

  16. Coweta Dan says:

    Very happy for you Bob,time with your son comes first. Always enjoy and look forward to the vids you and James do. Keep on truckin’.
    Danny in Thomasville, GA

  17. Cindy says:

    Yay, love your pictures and videos. The information you share has been very helpful and enlightening! Thanks Bob

  18. MnDreamer says:

    So glad to hear you will still be making videos for those of us who depend on your knowledge and wisdom. All the best to you, as you begin this new solo venture!

  19. Bob, I’m glad you’re going to keep the videos coming. That’s unusual for me, because ordinarily I favor the written word and I’m always working with cheap, outdated computers. However, your videos have a relaxed feel and convey a great deal of both information and the attitudes of those involved. You do a good job. Keep it up!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Calvin, thank you so much. I do try to achieve a relaxed and yet informative stance on the videos. My goal is to bring out the person and let them tell their story from their heart. For the most part I think I succeed and I’m very grateful for that.

  20. Gayle says:

    Hi Bob and YAY for great changes and more inspiration!! You have such a unique gift in this arena/lifestyle and your presentation is always clear and on point….just one of the many reasons we enjoy *tuning* in and learning. Or enjoying the views, dreaming, taking notes and being prepped to begin our own journey. It’s always been you Bob and of course we love the other channels as well. I liken it to a *band*…everyone can play the same music but there is usually one rock star!! lol…that be YOU my man!! Happy to continue the journey with you and all that you bring. Carry on wayward soldier! 🙂

  21. Ming says:

    great news, I love your videos! Thumbs up for your desire to keep improving their quality, it makes them very enjoyable to watch.

  22. David Carter says:

    Your descriptive posts are always great. You are a very good writer, but sometimes a picture (video) pulls it all together. Thanks, Bob.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks David! Bob

      • Lucy says:

        Bob, I have watched a few youtube videos made by nomadic people ( NOT your videos ) & most of them share the common denominator of a LOUD, annoying & distracting background music; it is sort of irritating trying to understand what the person is describing with all the musical racket as backdrop.
        Please, on your videos place nice, soft & relaxing music if possible.

        My regards. Lucy.

        • Lucy says:

          Bob, I forgot to add that I don’t know much about making videos or movies, but… common sense tells me that music in both cases is to complement the scenes & the narrator, NOT to overwhelm or to obliterate the whole enchilada, LOL.


        • Bob Bob says:

          Lucy, for now all I have is 10 seconds of Music at the intro and outro. Thanks for your feedback.

          • Lucy says:

            Bob, I was NOT referring to YOUR, videos I meant to say that few other nomads’ videos I had watched had LOUD music from the BEGINNING to the END making it hard to make up the words of the narrator. The music mostly was Metalica-like with loud drums + electric guitars
            Sorry for the misunderstanding. Lucy.

          • Bob Bob says:

            I see! I have so little time I don’t watch any other videos so I wasn’t aware of that. I specifically don’t include much music so that won’t be a problem.

  23. carolann says:

    Bob, I enjoy all of your past youtube videos. I discovered you this past summer, I live in central Massachusetts, in an apartment for seniors. Your videos are my “great escape” every afternoon on line. Your info on vehicle living interests me because I use my car as an escape for a few hours during the day and return to my rented space. So much of your interviews give me ideas I can use even in my apartment. I look forward to your new videos as you put them up. Subscribed to your channel and rvliving blog. I can almost smell the fresh air in your photos! Thanks so much. Carolann

  24. jackal says:

    What are you using for hardware to shoot the videos? Software?

    Which provider do you use for your blog (Google, WordPress, etc.)?

  25. Lorrie says:

    One door closes and another one opens. Looking forward to all your new adventures!!

  26. DougB says:

    I don’t get why you are bothering to make someone edit out the other guy’s name on a published collaborative work.
    A] It takes time to do.
    B] It removes recognition for a major contributor’s work.
    C] It cites you as the sole creative source for the work, which would not be accurate to claim, then or now.
    If the other party would actually prefer that his name be removed from these past works soon to be moved to your own channel, then it sounds like more than “creative differences” were involved in the parting. If it is only your preference, then that would be similar to downloading a random video and editing in your own credits, then reposting. Claiming sole credit only applies to new works, and those reworked and reshot by you. You can’t share piecework credit on your exclusive new channel after the guy got you on your feet? What am I missing?

    • Bob Bob says:

      Here’s what you’re missing. James went to Mexico for 3 months and had nothing to do with the channel while I kept working and creating. The majority of my videos on the channel he had NOTHING to do with, he had no part in their creation or editing. For those, because they are 100% mine, all I have to do is remove his name from them. There are a few he edited after I shot them. I will re-edit them and he will have had NOTHING to do with them either.

      There are a few videos we shot together and worked on together before he left, they will be lost forever. But even that was his choice, and not mine.

  27. Steve says:

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the update. Keep up the good works.

  28. Tellus says:

    Bob, One nice thing about not having a partner or a boss is you don’t have to let anyone but you be the final word. And I never understood why people have to build their own ego by giving you advice. I’d delete them and their advise! hahahaha It feels goooooood!

    • Bob Bob says:

      It does feel good, but for the most part I hope to see that in their hearts that really do mean well–although sometimes I have to wonder!!

  29. Adam says:

    Your videos are so inspirational, every time I see a new one I get so excited about planning my adventures on the road. So glad I found your website, looking forward to more. Thanks-A

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thank you Adam! That is so nice of you! A great life is waiting for you out here. Glad you found and like the new videos. Be sure to join the forum if you have not done so already. This is a community of great folk ready to help.

  30. Monique says:

    I am new to the idea of RV living and to your youtube channel, Bob. I began to downsize back in 2010 but previously left the corporate world in 1992 to move to Costa Rica and became an advocate for physically challenged travelers. However, I am now slowly walk towards putting up my coaching business online (Life Journey Center).

    I am looking at RV living in 2018 to tour the US to promote my 3rd book to be published to raise money for another NGO created in CR in 2015 called SOS e-stress. My moto is – Know yourself, shine your light and be stress free. .

    I really appreciate watching your videos, Bob and looking forward to learn more about this life style. Thanks and happy new year!

  31. Paul Van Wie says:

    As you have heard many times, your work on your blog and videos are outstanding. And you have inspired me.
    I just completed my first 3 months of Van/work living in Alabama,I was very prepared in part because of you.
    My next challenge is I am taking my adult Daughter and granddaughter (11), out west for min 2 weeks, the challenge is the boondocking part,having less things, being a minimalist, I want them to to have a good time, but due to financial strains we will be living free.
    “Freedom vrs Comfort”. I have always had larger RV s and I am proud that I took my Family of 5 all through out the USA. But this trip is not going to be every 3 Rd night in a hotel, a large RV with plug in for the air conditioner, etc. So wish me luck with van/cargo trailor living!

  32. Jerry says:

    You have made me a genius. I am so happy to have a new IQ and wisdom.

  33. Darrell Clark says:

    Thank you Bob for your inspiring videos, I am about to embark on my new lifestyle as a nomad Traveler, and Hope to meet you someday soon, until then safe Journeys

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