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The Talent Show where I gave the sad news that we had been evicted.

The Talent Show where I gave the sad news that we had been evicted.

This is a difficult post for me to write, but we were in the middle of a wonderful summer RTR near Flagstaff, AZ when it was suddenly ended by a visit from a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and I was cited for having more than 75 people at a gathering without a permit. The Federal Law Enforcement Officer ordered us off the land by noon the next day or everyone would be cited.

There is no one to blame for this but  me. While I had no idea how many would be coming I should have planned for the worst case and jumped through the hoops and gotten the permit and not taken the chance. I had expected a good turnout but I thought it would be spread out over the entire event and not be a large number all at once, right from the beginning. I’m still not 100% certain we were over 75, but he was convinced.

It doesn’t matter, what’s important is that it is canceled so do not come to it! If you get there you will be all alone! If you are still coming, email me and I will give you the location I’ve moved to and you are still welcome to camp with me.

Please understand that this will have no impact on the winter RTR in Quartzsite, Arizona which is January 10-22, 2017. That will continue exactly as planned and in the same spot it’s been at the last three years. Apparently the BLM is unconcerned about the size of our gathering, last year a BLM Ranger came and spoke to us even though we were a large group. There are many very large groups at that time of the year as big or bigger than us and apparently they are not willing to make them all get a Permit.

So there you have it, the summer RTR is canceled so please do not come to it!

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