I’m Selling T-Shirts

I’m now selling T-Shirts! Over the years I have had numerous requests from readers and viewers to consider making items with the chreaprvliving brand, things like bumper stickers and T-Shirts, but up till now, I’ve never gotten around to it because it was just too impractical. The problem is that I live in a van with no fixed address, that makes running a retail business from home very difficult! Because I live in such a small space, I can’t possibly carry an inventory of retail items for sale. I could easily carry stickers, but a selection of T-Shirts in medium, large and X-Large sizes for men and women (in various colors) simply was impossible. They would take most of the space of the entire van.



Find this design here:


Beyond that, there is the problem of the time it would take to receive the orders, box them up and then drive to a post office and ship them out. I’m very busy now with the blog, forum and making videos, plus serving the community by answering your questions individually and creating new content for you.



Find this Design here:


However, recently an opportunity came along that I could not pass up and so I’ve just started selling T-Shirts. Amazon.com has recently started a program called Amazon Merch to print T-Shirts on-demand. That  means that you order the T-Shirt through their site just like you would order anything else, then they print it and ship it to you. As I’m sure most of you know, Amazon does an outstanding job of ordering and shipping  products, but, just as important, they do an exemplary job of accepting and processing returns. That’s always important but it’s especially critical when it comes to clothes. If the T-Shirt isn’t satisfactory or doesn’t fit, you can easily return it to them for an exchange or refund.



Find this design here:


That solved the problems of creating, storing  and mailing the T-Shirts, but I still had no idea how to create the logo or design. Fortunately, synchronicity intervened and brought me the perfect way to get the designs and logo created.



Find this design here:


My good friend Carolyn told me about her experience with https://99designs.com/ which is a website dedicated to creative designs. Her experience with them was so good I decided to take the chance and spend the money to get T-Shirt designs made professionally. I have to say my entire experience with them was extremely positive! Their many designers did outstanding work and were very easy to work with. It’s operated as a contest where hundreds of designers from around the world submit designs and then take your feedback to make them exactly what you want them to be.



I ran a contest and was extremely pleased with how it worked.  I received many outstanding designs and chose my favorite as a  new Logo and I also chose 2 others to be T-shirt designs–you can see them here. I then posted them to Amazon Merch and viola here they are, available now at Amazon .com! They’re easy to find, from anywhere in Amazon, just type “cheaprvliving” into the Amazon search bar and you’ll see all the designs, or use the links I’m providing on this page.

I made a video showing each of these designs, you can see it here:

If you don’t see the video above, click on this link:

Be sure and check out my YouTube Channel here:


Thanks for supporting this site by using these links to Amazon. I’ll make a small percentage on your purchase and it won’t cost you anything, even if you buy something different.



I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

33 comments on “I’m Selling T-Shirts
  1. Avatar mike says:

    Hi Bob. I just got mine in today and it is well made shirts. I received mine very quick also. Thank you Bob

  2. Avatar Holly says:

    Hello Bob,
    I have to commend you on coming out with these T-shirts! Great idea AND, being a woman I am VERY pleased that you not only have different designs and different colors but also you actually went the extra mile and made a female styled T-Shirt!!! The bulky looking men’s style is not attractive on a woman. This has to be rewarded with a purchase. Thank you for the variety – that is where most people who want to do a T-shirt fall down. And silver? really? I have to try it just to see what that looks like. Good luck with sales and thanks again.

  3. Avatar Cindy says:

    Nice T shirts! What fun to have your very own shirt.

  4. Avatar joe says:

    Nice colors you look good in the light blue

  5. Avatar Rob says:

    I really like the CRVL shirt, too bad they aren’t pocket tees but I realize you can’t please everyone.

  6. Avatar Mike says:

    Hi Bob, good looking shirts, I just ordered a couple….my only complaint is: They don’t come in black?!?!

    Oh and I ordered your book too.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Mike! Sorry about that, since it was my first time it didn’t occur to me to get them so they would look good on black and other dark colors. If I make more I’ll be sure that happens.

  7. Avatar Colvin Goree says:

    Got mine, looking good, Bob.

  8. Avatar Greg says:

    Nice designs Bob. Unfortunately when I tried to order Amazon said they won’t post to my country (Australia)

    oh well, maybe one day 🙂

  9. Avatar Cindy T says:

    Great job on the t-shirts, Bob! I’m excited to hear about this since I’ve thought about trying Merch myself. I hope you sell loads of them! 🙂

  10. Avatar Zman says:

    Have you thought about tees for your RTR?

  11. Avatar Cae says:

    No boxer shorts?

  12. Avatar Jeannie says:

    En effet sujet inhabituel mais intéressant voire important!! J&i8#17;alla2s justement te dire que j’allais suûrement essayer mais si tu le propose, c’est encore mieux! Bon week-end!

  13. Avatar mike says:

    Great looking “T” shirt, love the LOGO. Just ordered one and am looking forward to putting it on.

  14. Avatar Ingrid says:

    Amazon don’t ship to Sweden. My brother and I love your YouTube channel.

  15. Avatar Lady Luck says:

    Hi bob i was just wondering how i can buy your shirt because amazon does post to australia . this there are another way?? from ros folllow from australia.

  16. pretty good although I cant see an option to design the back of a t.shirt?

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