Moving Camp to Pahrump, NV

Like all of the desert Southwest, my camp in Pahrump had spectacular sunsets.

Like all of the desert Southwest, my camp in Pahrump had spectacular sunsets. Notice the Yucca in bloom at the bottom left.

Generally I can stay in my Ehrenberg, AZ winter camp until sometime in March when it will start getting hotter than I like, but this year, because of El Nino, the heat came early. Starting in February it was pushing up into the high 80s very often and even hitting 90 occasionally. That’s warmer than Judy and I like; beyond that, our itchy feet were starting to be a problem, so it was time to be thinking of moving on. Normally we would have gone to Cottonwood or Sedona because they have so many advantages, but this year I had other plans.

I’m a resident of Pahrump, Nevada and have been for 8 years now. Because their Drivers Licenses (DL) are only good for 4 years, it was time to renew my license, which requires me to go in and get the eye exam at the DMV when I renew it. I hadn’t been back to the state for 4 years so it was time. Nevada is phasing in a change so that all DLs will be good for 8 years, but mine was only good for 4—the next license I get will be good for 8, which is really nice!

Judy and I really liked this camp.

Judy and I really liked this camp even though we had some storms blow through–some even brought fresh snow to the mountains. Still better than 90 in Ehreneberg!

One other thing I had to do while I was there was go to the Doctor. I signed up for Obamacare in Nevada, but there are no policies that offer Nationwide coverage, so I have to get all but emergency care inside the state. Fortunately that isn’t much of a burden because one of the reasons I chose Nevada is because it’s central to where I travel. So from now on every Spring I will return to Pahrump and get an annual physical. I really like Pahrump, so passing through every year is not a hardship for me for these reasons:

  • Because it’s at 2500 feet in the Mojave desret, it’s cooler so it’s a very good next step after Quartszite/Ehrenberg.
  • Pahrump is big enough to have a Super Walmart and a Home Depot which makes finishing projects very easy.
  • There are several doctors and a hospital that are covered by my health insurance plan so finding care is easy.
  • The camping there is really good! We were literally camped within 4 miles of the front doors of the Walmart and Home Depot.
  • It’s a very pretty part of the desert. Mt Charleston dominates the skyline to the east of us and is snow-capped all spring. It’s a beautiful camp!
  • The Desert Tortoise come out while we are there and I love seeing them! Plus, the wild horses and burros come down from the mountains in the spring to eat the fresh foliage.
  • It’s an hour away from Death Valley NP and this year they had a superbloom so I loved being that close. Visiting it every year is just fine with me!
  • My mail forwarder is there so while I’m there I can get good access to my mail.
  • One more big reason is that it has the cheapest outdoor storage rates I have ever seen. So I ended up leaving my trailer in storage there and moving into the van for my spring/summer travels. I paid $100 for 6 months which works out to $17 a month.
One of the main reasons I chose Nevada as my state is because it is so central to my travels.. Most of the summer it's easy to get back there for health care and all winter I am within 300 miles, a very easy drive.

One of the main reasons I chose Nevada as my state of residence is because it is so central to my travels. Most of the summer it’s easy for me to get back there for health care and all winter I am within 300 miles, a very easy drive.

So on February 27th I left Ehrenberg and moved camp up to Pahrump. The drive was 288 miles and an easy day. As you can see in the photos I had a very nice little camp. As usual, fellow nomads came and went while I was there, the most at one time was 8 of us.

We didn’t chose camp very wisely because after two weeks a County Deputy Sherriff came by and reminded us that the limit was 14 days on BLM land and he started the clock then, so we had another 14 days to leave. What we did wrong was camp too close to private residences and they called the Sherriff and complained about us. Had we camped a mile down the road the other way we would never have been bothered. At any rate we were still there for a month and that’s a nice, pleasant stay that let me get everything done.

You can see just how close we are to town. The residents of some of the closer houses complained about us which started our 14 day clock.

You can see just how close we are to town–my van and trailer are slightly to the right of center. We had great internet!! The residents of some of the closer houses complained about us which started our 14 day clock.

While I was dealing with all the residency issues it got me thinking that it has been awhile since I blogged about them so I’m going to be doing a series on all the issues with choosing a state for residency like DLs mailing addresses and health insurance. I’m also going to do a series of videos on them for those folks who prefer videos. Stay tuned for more on that.

At the end of March my son took a vacation from Alaska and came down to visit his girlfriend’s sister in Moab, Utah since my time was up in Pahrump anyway, I ran over and spent time with him in Moab. We did a mini-road-trip from Arches in Moab to Capital Reef NP through the gorgeous drive on 95 to the Mogi Dugaway to Goosenecks State Park and then to Monument Valley. You’ll be seeing photos of that trip coming up fairly soon.

My son and I in Arches, more about that to come.

Jumping ahead to future posts, my son and I in Arches, more about that to come.

At Monument Valley I left them and headed down to Cottonwood/Sedona where I am right now as I’m posting this. The last 2 weeks have been such a busy time I have gotten very far behind on my work (this blog post is 2 days late—first time that’s ever happened!). So I’m going to spend some time here catching up and recovering and then my summer travels will begin.

This year I have lots of plans and places I want to visit, and as always you are welcome to join me for a short while or for even a longer time. Just email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you a map to my camp. With me making videos, I’d actually like to have someone travel with me to be my video camera operator (the camera will be on a tripod, you just need to turn it with the action).  I can’t pay you but I promise you’ll see some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places you can imagine! And, if you are a new nomad, I promise you’ll have full access to all my hard-earned knowledge about this life!

Pahrump gets more rain than most desert so it is very lush with vegetation. It's plumb full of Jackrabbits which Cody loved!!

Pahrump gets more rain than most desert so it is very lush with vegetation. It’s plumb full of Jackrabbits which Cody loved!!

If you join me, I need to make the decisions about where and when we go, but I do promise to be a very nice guy about it. I also try to camp in remote places so it’s not for the faint of heart. Any other van can go there if you are willing. It may turn out I need more time alone than I’m getting, so it could end at any time. Therefore you should think of it as short-term, although it could possibly be longer.

At any rate, everyone is always welcome in my camp so I’ll be seeing you down the road!

I’m making Videos on my good friends James and Kyndal’s YouTube Channel. See them here:

I made a video of my trip to the Super-Bloom in Death Valley NP, you can see it here:

If you don’t see it above, either click or cut and paste this link into your browser

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Alpine glow on Mt. Charleston above my Pahrump camp.

Alpine glow on Mt. Charleston above my Pahrump camp.

Map to this camp. At Basin and Higley you can also turn left which is better, safer camping. You should probably go that way.

Map to this camp. At Basin and Higley you can also turn left which is better, safer camping. You should probably go that way.


I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

66 comments on “Moving Camp to Pahrump, NV
  1. Avatar Greg says:

    Bob, This may be a little off topic, but I saw an article saying that HUD was seeking to modify the rules on RVs and tiny houses which may make it illegal to live full time in either. I was wondering if you have seen it.

  2. What a wonderful opportunity for someone to be your “video camera person” & learn while camping with you. I know! Great pic of you & your son. Good info too – makes me want to become a NV resident.

  3. Avatar Cae says:

    I was in Tucson 2 weeks ago and it got into the 90s. It’s backed down into the 80s now.

  4. Avatar Lori Hicks says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Pahrump, I REALLY enjoyed my time there. I’m getting some green time this summer. Making my way to PNW.

  5. Avatar Cindy says:

    I would love to do the camera thing. Just not sure how fast I could sell stuff, get a van and get there. Dang! What an opportunity! I like alone time too, I get it.

  6. Avatar Jeff says:

    That’s a wonderful video of the super bloom Bob. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Avatar Sameer says:

    I think that is you in the distance on the hill. If you look to the Beautiful cliffs to the North, you will see Mr. Pico and I on the hill……Welcome to beautiful weather! ! !
    Sameer recently posted…Moving Camp to Pahrump, NVMy Profile

  8. Avatar Cheri says:

    Lucy – here is a bit of info:

    I have filed this in the ‘good grief don’t they have anything better to do’ file.

    • Avatar JIM PETERSON says:

      I think someone has gone off the deep end with this article. In my reading, it seems they simply want to clarify what is clearly an RV (not designed for full-time living though many are used that way) and what is more properly labelled a manufactured home (designed for full-time living even though many are not lived in fulltime). A recreational vehicle rolling down the road is clearly a much different beast from a “park model” (no more than 400 s/f) which will most likely roll from the factory to a spot in an RV Park somewhere and never move again. For those of us truly committed to living in our rigs or RVs fulltime, we will forever and always be doing exactly that — regardless of what any government has to say about it.

      • Avatar Lucy says:

        Good for you Jim, and for everybody, shall any government attempt to impose us not to live ‘ our ways ‘ ( of course without bothering & / or hurting others ) should it be considered a dictatorship & for that we have plenty with Cuba & North Korea, don’t we ?

        My regards, Lucy.

      • Avatar Linda Sand says:

        Yes, the proposed HUD guidelines have to with construction standards. But, they are close to making their own standards required for official RV builders but not for personal conversions–yet. The best argument you can make against this, in my opinion, is that RVs are licensed and taxed as vehicles not houses. So HUD has no business setting any standards for them. There is an official government site where you can comment on the proposal but I didn’t save the link after I commented.

      • Bob Bob says:

        Jim, you are so right, HUD has zero impact on nomads and this is totally meaningless to RVers. A guy on Youtube saw a way to get lots of attention to himself and grabbed it–and it worked!!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Cheri, this is just nonsense. All it says is that for HUDs purposes an RV is not a manufactured home. Well, that is totally obvious to everybody but the lawyers need to be make it absolutely clear. This will have no impact on nomads in any way. It’s pure fear-mongering.

    • Avatar Lucy says:

      Thank you for the site info., Cheri !

      My regards, Lucy.

  9. Avatar joe says:

    Glad you spent time with your son great photo ,s also please take care of yourself thanks again for a great story on your travels

  10. Avatar Full Speed says:


    Good to see your son with you. That is pretty cool.

  11. You forgot to mention that Pahrump’s services include legal brothels. 😉
    Al Christensen recently posted…Zorro the Wonder Dog: pizza criticMy Profile

  12. Avatar carolfromthecove says:

    Great post

  13. Avatar Mark L says:


    Another great post. Thanks again.
    I look forward to the residency information. I picked up a back issue of “Workamper Magazine”, and some of their ads are for a mail forwarding/change of residency. One in North Dakota and the other in Texas. I guess the phrase “Location, location, location” applies to more than just the real-estate industry.

    I see, as usual, you have researched this and thought it threw – so I/we don’t have to. Medical care is always last on my mind, but should not be ignored.

    Be well, and safe travels,
    Mark L.

  14. Avatar Cae says:

    Like most or our economic system, it’s all about debt. HUD definitions are probably more about who can get debt for a given product based on its definition. Debt and taxes. That’s what they’re cancerned about.

    If the RV builders had a decent set of lobbiest, they’d have gotten the definition to include them so that the gov would drastically improve the ease of getting a loan to buy an RV.

    • Avatar Calvin R says:

      The RV builders are doing a fine job of lobbying and of selling units. They really don’t need the people who get HUD loans, and they gain freedom from regulation by HUD. Instead, they have a “self-certification” process. That means they build whatever they can sell, not necessarily a product that is safe and decent quality. They certify it themselves. That’s my best reason for building my own rig.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Cae, HUD does “Housing” RVs aren’t housing, we’ll never get loans for RVs from HUD, no should we. RVs are “recreation.” Yes, a few live in them but still for recreation.

      To me it’s all clearly a case of Apples and Oranges and this rule just says, Houses are apples and RVs are oranges. It just seems like common sense to me. A very rare thing coming from the Federal Government!!

      • Avatar Cae says:

        I was taking it toung in cheek. But if you live. In something, I’d call it a home. Not a recreation. They’re not mutually exclusive.

        But I’d guess that HUD backed loans for RVs would give their industry a pretty big increase in sales.

  15. Avatar allalnb says:

    Bob, been reading your blog and site for 6 months now. Thanks for all the good reading, good info, and most importantly, good inspiration.
    Rig is almost ready, heading out after 2 more months of work. Look forward to crossing paths, if not this summer, at rtr17!

  16. Avatar JIM PETERSON says:

    Here’s some more legit intel on that HUD thing:

    From the Facebook page for Opportunity Village in Eugene, OR. You can access their FB page and other good intel at their website here:!opportunity/c959
    FWIW, I LOVE what they’re doing at Opportunity Village in Eugene, OR. I’m a retired carpenter for the State of Idaho and I’m hoping we can visit there and lend a hand for a week or so . . . and then be on our merry way. :o) They say it only costs them $3 a night per person to operate the village and one of those dollars is paid by the tenants — doesn’t cost the taxpayers a dime.
    JIM PETERSON recently posted…Wrapping Up Our First Winter — Part 1, EhrenbergMy Profile

  17. Avatar John Bruce says:

    People seem to have lost or maybe never had the ability to use critical thinking in their decision making. The smartest thing anyone can do is not be a reactionary, someone who jumps and panics at every noise or alert. Years ago I learned “the first thing you do is not panic.”

    Now to the topic at hand: It looks like Pahrump may be a great choice for a residential address. Nevada offers some realistic opportunities for that purpose and Pahrump is just far enough away from the city to be a nice place.

    • Bob Bob says:

      John, I’ve been very pleased with it as a home base. My only problem with it that it’s real cold in the winter and extremely windy. For me it’s a spring a fall stopover.

  18. Avatar Cheri says:

    I finally got to a spot where I could watch the video. Simply beautiful. The desert blooms.

    • Avatar Cheri says:

      The wilderness and the desert will be glad, And the Arabah will rejoice and blossom; Like the crocus it will blossom profusely And rejoice with rejoicing and shout of joy. The glory of Lebanon will be given to it, The majesty of Carmel and Sharon. They will see the glory of the LORD, The majesty of our God.…

      Isaiah 35: 1-2

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Cheri, it really was pretty stunning!

  19. Avatar tommy helms says:

    I know it’s Pahrump, not harumph, but whenever I see the word Pahrump I think of this scene…

  20. Avatar Noah says:

    I might have found your van on google maps street view. I went to 800 Higley Rd, Pahrump, NV 89048 in Google Maps to check out the campsite on Satellite View. When I clicked on street view and panned to the right side of Higley Rd, I saw a blue and white class b style camper-van.

    • Avatar Noah says:

      To be more accurate, since its a dirt road, the van I saw was at coordinates 36.214166,-115.959860 and you can copy/paste into gmaps to see it too. Be sure to go to street view because its not on satellite view.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Noah, my van is white and we were camped a good distance back from the road. Google Earth is usually behind and i haven’t been there for many year–this was the first time I’ve ever camped in this spot–it’s too close to houses.

  21. Avatar Richie k says:

    Great writing and advice to all. I’m a land lubber in a over the gang adult senior community. I enjoy it. However I love the free spirit you Van dwellers are. Keeping it simple equals freedom. Have been considering a regular van with sleep area only for rest along the road when tired.

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