Photos from Fall in Colorado


My truck on one of my fall road-trips around Colorado.

Today’s post is the first in what I think will be a monthly series with photos of some of my favorite locations. I know many of you are stuck in one spot and live vicariously through those of us fortunate to be able to live out our dreams so I thought you might enjoy some of my photos from some of my favorite places. Because I took these shots 4 years ago, some of my memories have faded so I can’t give you too many specific details of where I took them, but I will give you try to give you a broad idea.

Because I love the mountains, we are going to start in one of my very favorite places, Colorado. In 2008 I decided I needed to start working as a campground host and joined and posted a resume. Within a week I had three job offers, one in California, one on Oregon and one in Colorado. Of the three, Colorado paid the least per hour, because Colorado had the lowest minimum wage. However, I really wanted to work in Colorado because I love taking pictures of mountains and I especially wanted to photograph the Rockies. So I took that job and spent the summer working. On all my days-off I would leave the campground and take trips all over the state taking pictures. It was one of the best times of my life. 

Mt. Sneffels from the Dallas Divide Viewpoint on highway 62 west of Ridegway, CO. This is a famous photo point not to be missed.

When the summer ended so did the job. I decided to stay in the state and take pictures of its legendary fall colors. Unlike New England, there are few hardwoods in Colorado so there aren’t many reds in the leaves, but there are huge numbers of Aspens so the mountains turn bright yellow in October. To me, the majesty of the mountains more than makes up for the lack of the red colors. So I stayed in the state until the end of October. That is always risky in the Rockies because a storm can blow through at any time and you can be snowed in and freezing with very little notice. In fact that is just what happened to me. A storm blew in and we got about 6 inches of snow. But as is pretty typical for October, it warmed up and the snow melted off after a few days.

I took this photo of Mt. Sneffels on one of my hikes around my camp.

Most of these pictures were taken in the area around the San Juan Mountains. I camped on free dispersed land in the National Forest at the base of Mt. Sneffels just off of highway 62. I took trips to Telluride, Ouray and Silverton to get most of these photographs. The nearest town to get supplies was Ridgeway which is where they shot the original “True Grit” movie with John Wayne. It’s a very nice little town I enjoyed a lot.

Unfortunately, I don’t have GPS coordinates to my beautiful meadow campsite. I can narrow down the location to one of two roads, it is either on Dallas Creek Rd. (also known as County Rd, 7 or Forest Rd. 850) or West Dallas Creek Rd. (also known as County Rd, 9 or Forest Rd. 851). My best guess is that it is CR 9, West Dallas Creek Rd. but I could be wrong. To get to either of them leave Ridgeway, CO heading West on State Highway 62 . Drive 4 miles to CR 7 and turn left (South). Or drive 5.3 miles to CR 9   and turn left (South). You will be driving through private property and much of it is posted as “No Trespassing” but don’t worry, the road is public and the ranchers are just trying to scare you into turning back. The meadow is about 9 miles down the road from 62, so keep going until you reach the Uncompahgre National Forest. 

If I have a summer RTR this coming summer (2013) I will hold it in that little meadow. We won’t have cell phone or internet, and shopping will be a long way away, but man is it beautiful!! Bob

Most of you have been to many beautiful places and have great photos as well. So I am going to start  collecting readers travel photos, and once a month I will post them. Email them to me at [email protected] Include enough information to give us an idea of when and where you took the photo and what you liked about it.

This shot is looking down at my camp below Mt. Sneffels. At the very bottom and middle of the picture is an open meadow. My camp is a tiny dot in the meadow.


Farm in Fall colors.

I took this picture with 100 yards of my campsite. It was an incredibly beautiful place!!!!!!!

Molas Lake

The drive back to my campsite below Mount Sneffels.

I believe I took this photo near Crested Butte, but I am not sure.

Silverton, Colorado on Highway 550.

Colorado fall colors on Highway 550 north of Silverton.

Colorado fall colors along Highway 550














I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. I hope to never live in a house again!

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33 comments on “Photos from Fall in Colorado
  1. Avatar Tina says:

    Amazing pictures Bob, really looking forward to this monthly post.


  2. Avatar Cyndi says:

    Great pictures, Bob! I’ll be looking forward to this series.

    I remember you talking about chasing the wild flower bloom, in the spring, south to north. Since that time, that trip has been on my bucket list. I hope you’ll feature pictures from that journey to keep me inspired. Is that a subtle enough hint?

    Counting the days ’til I join you in Q(32ish)!

    Please tell Steve, Jerry, Nancy, Judy and Bill Hi for me! Did I miss anyone?
    Cyndi recently posted…Best of QuartzsiteMy Profile

  3. Avatar Brian Howard says:

    Bob, thank you for the beautiful pics… What a wonderful world.

  4. Avatar Dan, Phx. says:

    Great pictures, I knew this would be a good project. I have been to all those places and they are truly some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. Mabey someday at the RTR you could have a board or a place for all who come to place the own photos so every one can share the whole u.s. Thanks for sharing with us some of the places you have seen. Keep up the good work Bob.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Dan! Boy, you are a fount of great ideas!! I love the idea of a post with readers favorite photos so we will start doing that as well. Email me your favorite photos of your favorite places and i will do a post with them. Send me enough info so that I can put in a caption of where and when the photo was taken. The more info you can give about the spot the better.

      Send it to [email protected] Bob

  5. Avatar Linda D. says:

    Bob, the pictures are beautiful! I haven’t been in Colorado since 1983 on a road trip. We were up north of Denver, but I do remember that Colorado was just beautiful! I will have to return there, and especially in the fall. Love those colors!

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks Linda. I forgot to say that if I do another summer RTR this year, it will be at that same location in the meadow below Mt Sneffels. Bob

  6. Avatar joey says:

    Great photos Bob.

  7. Avatar ziggy says:

    Awesome photos Bob. It’s too bad you didn’t start up a personal blog years ago when I first started following Cheap RV Living as I was always curious about you and your adventures. I can understand your loss of memory from past experience of my time on the road, 4 years is about equal to 8 years living in one place !!!

    • Bob Bob says:

      You are so right Ziggy, living this way packs a lot of living in a small space of time. I really enjoyed searching through my photo files and as I looked at the pictures it was amazing how much I could remember about taking each shot. It was like I was back there that day.

      I feel most alive when I am out shooting. I am mostly a left-brain reasoned person, but photographing brings in my creative, intuitive side I usually don’t use. The combination of:

      * The technical aspects of shooting,
      * The rules of composition and lighting,
      * The creative aspect
      * The beauty of nature

      all combine to make it my favorite experience in all of life. Better than sex!!!!!!! Bob

  8. Avatar Abbe says:

    wowzers! 🙂 stunning pics of Colorado that you posted, and with such rich intense colors — love it, love it, love it…

    I’m looking forward to meeting some of you folks — full-time vandwellers and RVers — and to hear more about your lives and travels — I could post a link to some videos about my travels, but honestly, I had a really BAD hairdo during my last trip, and I’m embarrassed by my appearance — so now I have to make new memories and new videos with my now-grown-out hairstyle — yeah I know, it’s silly to be self-conscious about hair, but I am — surely there must be more to worry about than a terrible haircut, ha ha. 🙂

    see you guys and gals on the road, hopefully at the upcoming RTR — yours, abbe

    • Bob Bob says:

      Thanks for the kind words Abbe. No need to apologize about being self-conscious about your appearance–WE ALL ARE!! I think the more someone swears they don’t care about what they look like, the more they secretly DO care. At least that’s true of me!It’s just human nature to want to look nice and give a good impression. I’m glad your hair has grown out and you feel better about yourself. I’m sure you are a wonderful, beautiful person!

      I’m looking forward to meting you as well! Bob

  9. Avatar Karen says:

    Breath-taking, beautiful photos! Thank you! Inspired idea; looking forward to next photo post.

  10. Avatar Ken in Anaheim says:

    Bob; Hello (1st post here);
    As great as those photos are I’m really dying to see more shots of your (and others) actual rigs and campsites….What does a day-in-the-life of a fulltimer REALLY look like….
    Ken in Anaheim

    • Maybe i can field this one ken… i always think of things in a “Mountain way of things”… First comes my horse (Van), take care of my horse and she take care of me… Then my dog, he is the first alert to anything that comes close to camp to give me early warning to all threats he deems, then i take care of my self… My days are filled with all of these needs while considering bettering my lot in life which means bettering my life… so projects come to mind to ease burdens and better the ideas i have gone with… The day can be filled with projects to just cleaning out the van, when new friends show up there also seems projects to be done… Then there is quiet time when ya delve into a good book, tackle a puzzle magazine or just enjoy good rock and roll on the radio… There is really never a dull moment…

    • Bob Bob says:

      Ken, Great Idea!! Like I just told Karen, most of my good ideas come from the readers. When you aren’t all that bright (like me) it’s good to hang around with bright people. I’ll go around today and take pictures of the different rigs in camp right now, there is a very large variety! By the way ken, I’m only a few hour away if you want to come visit. Bob

  11. Bob many a picture i can find to start this off… Just have to find them…

  12. Avatar Calvin R says:

    Beautiful! There’s still plenty of country I have yet to see. I’ll dig through some pictures and see if I can get some from my ex, but I’m not sure I have pictures of the Mogollon Rim country in Arizona, which is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

  13. Avatar CAE says:

    Is that BLM land?

    • Bob Bob says:

      Hi CAE, no that is National Forest. BLM land is generally desert land, if it is heavily forested it is National Forest. But there are some middle elevations that can go either way, especially in Arizona where it has Pinyon Pine and Junipers. Bob

  14. Avatar Fred says:

    Really nice photos, and well taken.
    I just made a deal on an ’87 class B that I take delivery of at the end of December, so next year we will be leaving the 27′ Winnebago here and hitting the road. I’m hoping to see some of those sights.

    • Bob Bob says:

      Fred, I checked out your blog and loved it! it looks like you are just starting out but it is a very good start. You have a natural writing ability. One thing I hope you will add is a widget to let you sign up and get it as email. If you had one, I would have signed up. I have never used blogger so I don’t know how, but I am sure it is possible. I think lots of us are interested in Treasure Hunting and a couple in a class B, so you have two built-in audiences. I think it will be popular.

      Fred is a perfect example to all of you to take a chance and start a blog. You probably think you can’t write, but you don’t know that for sure. Maybe you will like it and be really good at it, or, maybe you will hate it, you never know. The only way to find out is to try it. Bob

  15. Avatar Fred says:

    Thank you for those really nice comments about my blog. I will look into the widget thingy.

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