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The corporations have gotten us addicted to consumerism, and use it to control us. They are our drug dealers and pimps. Go cold-turkey by moving into a van and becoming a vandweller

Today I want to continue on with the idea that because this is a very abusive society, we need to make every effort to run away from it as fast as we can. As I said before society becomes our abuser in the guise of pretending to take control over our lives for our own good to save and protect us. Their primary methods of doing that are:

  • Education: From the age of 6 (and anymore  it starts as early as age 3 or 4) society takes control of our minds and what we think and how we think it. The education establishment (whether private or public) is devoted to making us “good productive citizens.” In other words, slaves and robots to promote the good of the government and corporations. We gladly and willingly go along with that idea because we’ve been brainwashed into believing whatever is good for the government and corporations, must be good for us in the long run–we can’t live without them.
  • The Media: In the same way, from the moment our eyes open and we learn to speak, we are inundated with extremely well designed and crafted messages of all kinds to convince us to obey and conform to societies rules and to work hard and buy more stuff. A need to buy and own more, newer, bigger and better things is instilled deep into our hearts and souls. Of course  we gladly go along and buy all that stuff on credit–making the corporations rich selling it to us and the banks rich loaning the money.  Then, we have to pay back that debt so we are forced to work harder, longer and for less to keep feeding our addiction to consuming.

we are both the tools of production and  slavish consumer of the things we produce to feed their addiction for more money and riches.

Essentially we’re turned into wage-slaves, ants that are working in a colony or drone bees in a hive. Everyday we  go through the motions of lusting for more things and working to make someone else rich in order to get them. We are nothing but living, breathing machines, tools to make the corporations rich and give the government more power to control us. We are both the tools of production and  slavish consumer of the things we produce to feed their addiction for more money and riches.

First they create our addiction for buying more and more things, then they use that addiction to control and enslave us! All for the purpose of giving them power over us and to use as work-horses and tools to get rich and powerful.

Of course being addicted to buying more things is not satisfying so we buy more and that doesn’t make us happy so we buy even more and that is equally hollow and empty! Then the emptiness of it all makes us even more miserable–so being good addicts, we do what all addicts do, we buy even more, going into even more debt and are even more unhappy than ever!!

And the downward spiral continues.

Having gotten us addicted to buying things, they use our basic unhappiness to create a hunger for more, bigger and better things to relieve some of our pain. But like all addictions it never does and when we run out of money to buy more they offer it to us on easy credit. They convince us that credit/debt is wonderful and for our own good so we embrace it with our whole heart, running up astronomical debt.

Government and corporations  become our Drug Dealer and Pimp, using our addiction to buying more things on debt to control every tiny aspect of our lives and forcing us to put up with their abuse.

We’ll do anything for our next fix of an iPhone or a new car. Hate your job and your boss? Doesn’t matter, you’ll stay and put up with it anyway because you bought all that crap on credit–and so you can buy even more junk on credit! You are a slave to your master, that huge debt!

Buying things is much more addictive to the masses than heroin, meth or crack could ever be! Ultimately, we all wake up to the horror of those addictions and try to break free of them, but buying stuff rarely loses its allure and fascination to us–we’ll just keep selling ourselves to get more. No amount of abuse is too much to get that new thing!!!

We’ve become prostitutes working for our pimp, but instead of selling our bodies for sex, we sell our time and life-energy–the most important things in our life and the only thing that we truly own in this whole world–and they’ve wrestled it away from us!! And made us grateful to them for doing it!! Worse of all, because of the Stockholm Syndrome, most of us try to stop anyone else who wants to escape!!

Sure, they give us an amazing amount of freedom in exchange, but they’ve managed to get the most important thing in our lives, our time and life-energy–they own those!! Since we belong to them, they can sell us to their Corporate buddies to make them rich as their slaves.

 The Federal Government and the Federal Reserve is the Head Pimp and Dealer in Chief!! The Corporations are their dealers standing on the corners.

What are we going to do about this horrible mess? There’s only one thing to do, and that’s to run far, far away as fast as you can!!

Just go cold turkey and drop out of that stinking sewer of greed and corruption!!

How? The best and only way I know is to spend a brief period of time working in the system but stop buying any more of their “heroin” of things–go cold turkey on buying “stuff.” Then buy a van or RV and the few new things you’ll need for your new life. Finally, build up as much of an emergency fund as you can then move into the van and hit the road.

For the rest of your life, buy and own as little as possible so that you can work as little as possible and be free.  Your goal is to regain the most valuable things that you have ever had or ever will have, your time and life-energy.

Time + Life-Energy = Freedom

Insist on being free!

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