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Full Version: I'm freaking out about actually leaving!!!
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As the date gets closer to me leaving (by the end of the month) I'm starting to freak out more and more. This project is functional but not finished, I have put in a ton of time, research and effort but so many things still aren't done. What if I'm too hot to sleep, what if I can't find a place to park, break down, have to go a week without a warm shower, need a tool I left at home, have my home broken into (the one I leave behind or the one I take with).

We all have a desire to stay comfortable, even if change is what we truly need, I truly need change but the idea of leaving my stuff, my comfort zone, it's freaking me out!!!

I'm obsessing on these little details I'm fully aware won't matter once I'm on my way, I know in a couple months I will have the same freakout in reverse of not wanting to come back but that makes this no more comfortable for the moment.

I'm freaking out, I know I can handle whatever comes my way but I'm freaking out still, I know it's normal but still, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!
I can tell just from that one post, that you're putting too much energy into this, without enough feedback.

I'd strongly suggest going for a good weekend-long shakedown trip.

That'll help put things into perspective on how this all is gonna feel, and give you a good idea of how well your plans are gonna work for you.

and that should calm your nerves too! Big Grin

Enjoy!! Have a fun weekend!
We've all been there, Tucson. Most of us have had the freakout. Some of us, I'm in this group, freakout every time we move. After all, anything can and will happen.

Just keep moving forward. You said it yourself. You'll be fine.
What you are feeling is totally normal and reasonable. I know I wouldn't have had the balls to do it if I wasn't forced into it so I admire all of you who did it by choice and just pushed through the freak-out stage!!!!

I can't promise you anything because we are all so different, but I can tell you for myself that I look back on it as the single BEST thing that ever happened to me!! My life has improved far beyond my ability to tell you!!

I can also tell you that I have met literally hundreds of others who say the exact same thing.

Here's the way I would look at it: One of two things is going to happen:

1) You will love it and enter into the very best times of your life.
2) I may not be for you but one day you will look back at it as one of the great adventures of your life even though it didn't work out--and it will become your most treasured memory.

Either way, you win!

You may want to check out this blog post I wrote:

Science had discovered many of us have a gene that seeks out new things and adventures. But society brainwashes us out of it so we will never be happy till we give into the our urges. I think that's right where you are! To thine on self be true! Give in to those itchy feet!
Patrick46 is correct! Make a 'weekend trip' to check things out. That is what worked for me! After I finished my first remodel I went camping just 28 miles away from my 'home base'. It is the most remarkable lifestyle..."you will love it!", as Bob says.
Once you get out of Tucson and up into the cooler pine forests you'll be just fine.
I agree with the weekend trip idea tho. Mt Lemmon is nice this time of the year.
You'll be fine - :-) but don't forget to come back and tell us how you're doing after a week or so.
Thank you all for the kind words, I know I'm worried about things now I won't care at all about ones I step out of my safety net. The past 24 hours has allowed me to finish up on some stuff that make my new home actually start to feel like a home and that has helped some, for the first time since December this has gone from being something I know I want to do to something I'm excited about doing. Maybe some of you have seen, I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) which has made for many challenges in this process and I have some needs that are harder to accommodate with this lifestyle what has caused me to try and control too much when I really need to just let go.

My motto is and has always been "anything worth doing is worth doing in excess", I'm not taking a test trip that allows for failure or me to run back for comfort, if you're going to jump off a cliff, just do it, no point in starting with a curb.

Thank you all for the support, I will keep you posted!!!!
I was just having a freak out session last night myself lol!!! I completely understand your worries, break downs, showers, the heat, the cold, not enough savings..yada yada...

Then I thought. What the heck? I'll have all my fluids flushed and changed, new tires, tune up, and enough gear to make living comfortable. If something goes wrong I'll have to just roll with it.

I definitely like your motto about jumping off a cliff, that's my plan! I've camped enough times and figured I'd better just go for it!

Good luck and happy travels Smile
Katelyn has the right idea...

(07-26-2014, 07:58 AM)katelyn Wrote: [ -> ]I'll have all my fluids flushed and changed, new tires, tune up, and enough gear to make living comfortable. If something goes wrong I'll have to just roll with it.

Once you've got your rig all mechanically squared away, there's not much more you can do.

Head on out, and enjoy this new life! Cool
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