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Full Version: solar-flex, and heat proofing
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Hi all...

I posted about Refectix, now im asking about a product called Solar-flex 287, its a coating they use on house roofs to keep them cool. Im currious because i have a gallon of the stuff and wanted to try it on Fernweh's roof to help with the heat issue, I live in NC, and the summers here are terrible for cars, and I dont want too add more inches to the interior to keep my cool for those nights that it gets pretty warm, or takes a long time to blow the hot air out of a decent sized cargo van.

thoughts Ideas?
Use it!! It's a common product that is elastic so it moves with the metal as it contracts and expands. It is white which alone will make the roof cooler. I've used similar products and highly recommend them. It's very easy to install, just pour it on the roof and roll it on with a roller.

I've never used the Henry brand or this type but I've used other Henry roofing products and think they are the best you can buy so I wouldn't hesitate to use it. In fact I'd expect the Henrys to be superior.

Here is a post I did about friend who painted her roof with a different brand (Kool Seal) of the same thing.

Here's a link to the Henrys for those who aren't familiar with it:

We put Henry's SolarFlex on our Bus. We like it.
Hi, yeah ive got 2/3rds of a gallon on my roof now, and the difference is amazing! I still sweat when im working inside of it, but thats because im cursing and trying to move things around! But its 3-4 hours of working instead of 1-2 hrs. Highly recommended to anyone thinking about using it from now on.
Thanks for a real-world report! I've also found painting the roof with that stuff is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to reduce your heat problem.