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Full Version: painting the roof
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just a update, started painting Fernwehs roof today, about 2/3s of it is done, about 2 coats sofar, the middle strip has yet to be done, and thats going to be difficult cause i dont want too step on the roof, and there isnt a steady place high enough for me to start from even with a long pole and roller brush so its all going to have to be done from a lean to ladder, not looking forward to that part... but i checked the inside after i was done on todays advancement and the ceiling was cool too the touch even after being in 90 degree sun all day! Whoohoo! there will be comfortable sleeping in my little green home after all!

Still some bits to do, and finish up stuff. i might even get far enough to put up the heat barrier and make window covers!
pictures to follow later
find a loading dock, and park tight alongside of it. You can easily reach the entire roof from standing up there, and you won't hafta deal with ladders either!!

I've always painted all my roofs white...especially on the black rigs! Tongue
Aren't you using the white Henrys, or is that someone else? It's easiest with a roller and an extension so you can reach it all very easily. Walmart sells a roller kit with a short extension for about $6. I just put up a link on a friends painting her roof and she rolled it. I've rolled many roofs with the elestrometric paint.
yup that was me, and I finally just hauled myself up on the ladder and finshed it all yesterday, suffice to say, I was thinking about taking Fernweh to where i work, ( yes at Home Depot) and using our loading docks, but we had some big mucky mucks in so I had to do the roof at home. So Fernweh now has a little snow on the roof too! LOL! But now its all tighnting up, making ajustments here and there, to get her road ready for NY in october!
I used the mobile home coating stuff that dries silver. Kinda. Not really sure how much it helps. Hard to tell but I figure anything in Florida is a plus.
You guys may find value in this thread.

One of the posters did a comparison on the fancy insulation "beads" vs SolarFlex elastometric roof coating.