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Full Version: hitch cargo box
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Hello all. I am thinking about a hitch mounted cargo box to extend storage for my chevy van. Any thoughts or experience with a brand woud be appreciated. Thanks!
janncoo, I also am thinking of hitch cargo rack for my Chevy van to carry a 70 pound generator. My concern is how low the trailer hitches are on the van and if the rack will drag. Watching your thread for advice.
Since I haven't yet found a van, I may be taking the Vibe out west, again, this year. I'm pondering a cargocarrier myself. I have no doubt it can be secured.
There are locks

I'll use a box and cables to secure my belongings.

And it can be raised to provide more ground clearance.
I bought a hitch rack from Chicago Freight for about $45. It is designed for an ATV so it has a rise in the holder.

There are a lot of other ones that would work in different sizes.
This guy has experience with that.
You can also raise it with one of these:
I'm going to do a post on my blog about mine probably next week, and I'll give lots of information. To get to my blog, just go to the top of this page and click on blog. Until then here is a link to the one I bought:

Thanks to all for the info. A Seeker-I am also concerned about the ground clearance with the cargo box. Cyndi-Locks will be important and the raised hitch would be helpful. Get Smart-Do you have some type of cargo bag that you use with the rack? Zil-Vantrekker's box looks great. =Slow2day-The raised, dual hitch looks workable. Akrvbob-I will be watching for your post. I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of the cargo carrier vs the cargo box.
The name is GOT Smart. (long story) I am currently using plastic tubs and a blue tarp with the rack. It is temporary to transport my ex wifes possessions to California. The tubs are held down with cargo straps, and the tarp has a mess of bunji cords holding it down.

One concern with a cargo box (excess weight) would be raising the front end and a loss of handling. Perhaps a small trailer or a roof rack would work better for you. Ask yourself just how much stuff you need to bring with you. (Advice from the guy with 8 boxes of tools)

If you live near a city, you might be able to find someone who rents cargo carriers. I know there is one in Denver that I rented from. They had the above cargo carrier which is good for being able to use your rear door(s) while it's attached. The Stowaway2 is very pricey but it might be worth it to you to be able to swing it away and have use of your rear doors.

I was glad to rent initially because I wanted to make sure it was as good as I thought before I plopped down any money on it.

Once in a while you can find them on craigslist.

I think all hitch cargo carriers have a weight limit. In the Stowaway's case I believe it's 200 lbs. My hitch is rated for 500 lbs tongue weight so it works fine even with an extender to clear my spare tire.
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