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Full Version: insulation advice again please (sorry)
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I know this has been covered over and over. I am thinking of insulating with the GAF from Home Depot this Would that be a good choice?

Should I put a thin layer of commercial bubble wrap on metal van wall first to help insulate and or cut down noise that I heard the foam can make?

The way I understand is the vapor barrier needs to be on the inside layer and I will use either Coroplast (OK Willy ?) or FRP. Will either of these be a good vapor barrier? And if I put the bubble wrap layer first will it act as a vapor barrier on the wrong side and cause problems.

Sorry I know this has been covered a lot already. Advice please
GAF is Polyiso which is by far your best choice! I wouldn't bother with the bubble wrap, it does too little to be worth the hassle or cost. Just the Polyiso will do a good job. Be sure to put it on the roof as well since most of your heat is lost through the roof.
Thanks for the info Bob. I am all for saving a not needed step and the money. Will coroplast be a good enough vapor barrier?
Coroplast will be great!!